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E-commerce Fulfillment

lady parcel carrier with package checking mobile device from the delivery truck

Deliver E-commerce Fulfillment With Agility, Accuracy and Efficiency

Fulfilling online orders requires a high degree of inventory visibility and operational efficiency. From inventory and asset management, to voice-directed picking and proof of delivery, Zebra’s e-commerce fulfillment solutions allow you to master the high-velocity, each-item fulfillment process and deliver to your customer as quickly as possible, no matter where they are.

Enable Agile Customer Delivery

Customers demand faster order delivery to a multitude of locations. E-commerce retailers are feeling the pressure to meet that demand and maintain visibility from the time their shipment leaves the fulfillment center, through the last mile and into the customer's hands.

Augment Productivity and Efficiency

High-velocity e-commerce fulfillment centers rely on speed and efficiency to get products stocked, so they can be picked quickly. Efficiency throughout the supply chain is more important than ever to remain profitable and keep up with customer demands. 

Ensure Accuracy at Each Step 

In e-commerce, order fulfillment inaccuracies and inconsistencies are visible to the customer. Reflecting accurate inventory, picking the right product and getting it to the right place is critical to a successful transaction. 

employee and supervisor reviewing work with rugged tablets in fulfillment center

E-commerce Fulfillment Center Solutions

Increase Efficiency In Every Corner

Integrate your supply chain, implement dynamic fulfillment and realize transformational gains with Zebra's best-in-class hardware, software and solutions. From receiving to picking and staging to loading, operations are agile, optimized and connected to better manage your inventory, people and assets.

Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Ensure Fast and Accurate Delivery

Get your order from the fulfillment center to your customers in the quickest, least-expensive way possible. Zebra's fleet and delivery solutions address the complex last-mile delivery process, whether you own your fleet or use a third-party delivery service. We know constant connectivity, proactive management and optimized truck capacity are critical for you to deliver on time, every time.

employee checking mobile computer in the warehouse

Digital Supply Chain Solutions

Make Your Next, Best Move

Leverage data capture and analytics capabilities that enable e-commerce order fulfillment operations to innovate and optimize your supply chain. Zebra's real-time locationing technologies, implemented and continuously improved by our experts, give you the visibility you need to fine-tune your operations.

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Let Zebra Design an E-commerce Fulfillment Solution To Meet Your Needs