Healthcare Technology Solutions

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Data Connectivity and Communication Matter

Provide patient-centric care with purpose-built healthcare technology. Ensuring the right patient receives the right care at the right time is critical. Zebra's healthcare technology solutions help your care team provide a higher level of patient care by connecting them to the patient data, clinicians and providers they need, in real time.

Zebra is at the forefront of innovating the latest technology solutions in healthcare—from patient identity to mobile healthcare and real-time intelligence—empowering front line staff with a performance edge to deliver the best patient care.

Newborn baby getting her healthcare wristband scanned for patient identity management

Patient Identity Management

Help Ensure Patient Safety at Every Step of the Patient Journey

Delivering high quality patient care starts by connecting data from admissions to discharge, and every step in between. Zebra's patient identity management solutions enable precision when matching patient records, medication, specimens and more—so the right patient gets the right care every time.

Healthcare provider scanning patient with mobile device for healthcare mobility

Mobile Health For Collaborative Care

Seamless Collaboration for Patient Care

Empower clinicians to provide optimal care with healthcare technology solutions that enable them to instantly connect, collaborate and communicate with colleagues. Zebra's healthcare technology devices are designed to enable provider collaboration, simplify workflows and capture and access patient information anywhere—so they have everything they need right at the patient's side.

hospital staff communicating business intelligence and analytics using healthcare mobile devices

Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and Business Intelligence for Healthcare

Instill Confident Decision-Making with Real-Time Data

Effectively monitor the condition of your healthcare organization with data captured throughout the facility in real time. Zebra's RTLS for healthcare technologies identify, track, locate and monitor the condition of patients, assets and staff—connecting diverse data for best-action guidance that helps ensure optimal patient care and safety.

The Latest in Healthcare

Hospital outpatient surgery entrance

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Man testing wristband durability

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