Banking Technology Solutions

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Deliver Branch Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Productivity

Digital transformation and shifting customer behaviors have changed how you do business. Our proven platform of banking solutions enables you to power modern branch operation.

Increase operational agility, reduce costs, optimize your workforce across multiple branches, and excel in branch execution.

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Workforce Management

Optimize Branch Staffing, Forecasting and Scheduling

Supercharge your staff modeling, forecasting, and alignment. AI-powered workforce management enables you to easily schedule above the branch while reducing costs and eliminating the need for and the need for manual float pool processes.

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Mobile Employee Engagement

Empower Employees with Mobile Bank Solutions

Provide colleagues with mobile self-service tools for scheduling, communications, and branch execution. Mobile-first access to schedules, time off requests and availability, boosts engagement and satisfaction by allowing employees to manage their preferences.

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Execution and Visibility

Prioritize and Guide Daily Branch Activities

Simplify branch execution and reduce administration by unifying disparate systems to manage and track branch activities. Improve visibility for management with real-time line-of-sight into completion rates and exceptions, increase spans of control and reducing costs.

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Internal Communications

Modernize Branch Communication with Secure Mobility

Securely communicate with colleagues wherever they are—our mobile-first communications bank solution allows you to intelligently aggregate, prioritize, and distribute messages to only relevant colleagues.

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Customer Appointments

Integrate and Simplify Branch Appointments

Offer customers a seamless experience with intelligent appointment scheduling, reducing branch wait times and managing lobby queues. Intelligent bank technology solutions for appointment management streamlines forecasting, staffing, and daily work systems with easy integration to your existing solutions.

The Latest in Banking Technology Solutions

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