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Energy And Utilities Industry Segment

Mobile Technology for Gas and Electric Utilities

Utilities Worker using a stylus on a zebra tablet

Mobilize Your Gas and Electric Utilities Services with Zebra Mobile Devices

Leveraging Zebra’s portfolio of mobile computing solutions, gas and electric utilities providers can maximize facility uptime, minimize planned outages and improve asset lifecycle management. By coordinating departments and scheduling through easily navigated data visibility, technicians can complete work order after work order more effectively by accessing all the right information to service the job right the first time. Whether servicing electrical transformers, addressing residential service requests, doing safety shutoffs, or responding to emergencies caused by equipment failure or weather events, in-office and in-field staff are connected with reliable communication and real-time data sharing 24/7.

Utilities worker holding a zebra tablet walking on catwalk

Mobile Technology Is Driving the Energy and Utilities Sector

Meet the increasingly high demands of customers with insights from The Future of Field Operations: A Look at the Energy and Utilities Sector Through 2025

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Emergency Response Planning and Management

From first call through incident investigation, Zebra ruggedized mobile solutions enable emergency response personnel to serve public safety and utilities industries more effectively with industry-leading mobility strategies.

Asset Lifecycle Management

The reliability and productivity of capital assets is essential to success in the asset-intensive industries that field service technicians support. Minimize loss, increase productivity and improve profits with Zebra's asset lifecycle management solutions.

Real-time Remote Asset Monitoring

Zebra solutions work both on- and offsite to give operators a live view of network-critical remote assets, helping ensure that operational uptime is maximized and staff is used efficiently.

Mobile Work Order Management

Whether your operations provide water, electric, telecommunications, mining or oil and gas services, Zebra's rugged mobile devices allow you to properly leverage your software systems so your operations continually perform at their best.

Field Dispatch and Routing

Zebra's rugged, mobile computing solutions provide the dispatch and routing tools needed to accelerate in-field operations, especially for the challenging geographies faced by field service workers.

Digital Safety Inspection and Compliance Reporting

Enhance the speed and accuracy of field inspections to meet the challenges of today's regulatory environments utilizing Zebra rugged devices for the immediate digitization of critical information.

Customer Service Technology

Zebra's mobile devices enable your entire staff, from call center representatives to field technicians, to deliver enhanced customer service through the use of mobile technology.

Maintenance and Repair Scheduling and Completion

Planning and scheduling are difficult tasks that need technology solutions to better handle its complexities, and facilitate greater ease-of-use for maintenance and repair staff.

GIS Asset Mapping

Zebra's mobile computing solutions provide utilities companies, public works departments and government agencies with ruggedized, fully mobile devices with mapping and GIS capabilities to map, track and locate all infrastructure in detail so workers can do their jobs right, and utilities customers can receive quality and consistent service.

Inventory Management for Energy and Utilities

Zebra specializes in providing the real-time visibility needed to ensure field service staff can efficiently manage ordering, stocking and delivery of supplies so that out-of-stocks never interrupt service, repair or maintenance activities.

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