Direct Store Delivery

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Deliver on Your Promises

Late or incorrect deliveries drive customers away. Zebra's mobile computers and printers make sure deliveries are accurate, on time and up to expectations with accurate inventory counts, shelf utilization and proof of delivery.

Woman using a Zebra device in a grocery store.

Why Visibility Matters For Merchandising

A strong merchandising program gives you the critical visibility you need to reduce out-of-stocks, enhance efficiencies and increase sales. Discover technologies that empower your merchandisers to make real-time decisions that impact your bottom line.

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See How the Internet of Things Can Add Value to Manufacturing Solutions

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Optimize Direct Store Delivery

The road to direct store delivery success doesn't have to be an obstacle course. Find out what helps front-line workers perform their best from check-in to drop off.

Build Your Solution with These Components


Take technology on the go and keep drivers up to date with the latest delivery information with Zebra’s selection of mobile printers, mobile computers and tablets.  


Fight fragmentation and keep your team constantly connected and in contact whether they’re on the floor or in the field with Zebra’s software solutions. 


Whether you need maintenance, on site support, or just someone to help you find the right devices for your organizations current and future needs, Zebra is at your service. 

Zebra Will Help You Design a Solution to Meet Your Direct Store Delivery Needs For Today and Tomorrow