Disaster & Emergency Management Technology

firemen working on forest fire

Real-time Communications and Logistics for Emergency and Disaster Response

Time is of the essence in disaster scenarios, whether natural or man-made, and government agencies must have the disaster management technology to accurately track personnel, equipment, victims and evacuees. To respond to disasters quickly and efficiently, Zebra's RFID tagging and scanning technology lets you associate a barcode with every person and/or asset for complete visibility and accountability. You’ll have an accurate picture of where your personnel and equipment are at all times, and you’ll know exactly how best to deploy resources to meet rescue and restoration requirements. First responders can view scenes en route as events unfold, access building blueprints and detailed area maps, and gain real-time situational awareness. Our barcode scanners and RFID technology allow you to quickly and accurately inventory gear, apparatuses and personnel on scene; control access; and track victims and evacuees. Scanned data can be uploaded to the cloud for other agencies to track and monitor.

Gain Real-time Situational Awareness

Accurately track personnel, equipment, victims and evacuees, and know what resources are available when and where.

Respond Quickly and Efficiently

Deploy resources where and when they’re most needed, limiting adverse effects in disaster scenarios.

Maintain Accurate Inventories and Coordinate Response

Quickly and accurately inventory gear, equipment and personnel on-site, and share data by uploading to the cloud for access by other agencies.

Build Your Disaster Management Technology Solution


Our array of purpose-built mobile computers, ID card and wristband printers, and RFID products enable a fully customized solution for your disater management needs.


Explore how these software offerings can help reduce the effects of a disater by enabling simpified communication and tracking solutions.


Our services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle so you can plan a technology solution that fits your organization's current and future needs.


With Zebra Certified Supplies, you can be confident that your labels, cards, and wristbands will be readable and scan correctly, while working in harsh conditions.

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