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Government and Public Sector

Public Sector Healthcare

Providing Excellence in Public Sector Healthcare Delivery

Real-Time Visibility for Better Patient Outcomes

Public sector healthcare agencies can rely on Zebra public sector healthcare technologies to help deliver high-quality care to service veterans, elderly and disabled patients. Our solutions allow seamless interactions among caregiver teams, ensuring timely and secure collaboration. Zebra’s comprehensive suite of public healthcare-specific technologies includes RFID wristbands and label printers, scanners, mobile computers and software. Together, they allow you to gain visibility into your operating environment, realizing efficiencies and ensuring a higher standard of care. Zebra is a leading provider of solutions in public healthcare patient identity, mobile technology and data intelligence and analytics.

Patient Identity Management
Patient Identity Management

Accurately verifying the identity of both caregivers and patients is a key component in delivering the best in public healthcare. There is no margin for error in matching records, medications, specimens, care instructions and more to the right patient. Zebra Technologies’ RFID-encoded or barcoded badges and credentials can be printed on-demand to identify and authorize access for patients, personnel and approved visitors.

Ensure the Right Patient Receives the Right Care
Healthcare Mobility
Healthcare Mobility

Zebra’s mobile technologies connect patient caregivers, allowing instant communication and collaboration for optimal results. Our public healthcare technologies enable real-time collaboration right from the point of care, simplifying workflows for increased efficiency and allowing more time for patient and caregiver interaction.

Improve Delivery of Care with Real-Time Collaboration
Healthcare Business Intelligence & Analytics
Healthcare Business Intelligence & Analytics

When you have real-time visibility into every aspect of your public sector healthcare organization, you can maximize operational excellence to deliver the best care. Zebra’s real-time location system (RTLS) public sector healthcare technologies identify, track, locate and monitor every asset, patient and clinical member in your facility, enabling you to use your data to make the most timely and informed decisions.

Use Real-Time Data to Elevate Care

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