Situational Awareness

Firefighter viewing video on a Zebra ET8x Series tablet

Situational Awareness for Public Safety

Zebra’s Situational Awareness solutions provide visibility to first responders, mobile incident commanders, and command center personnel. Purpose built mobile computing devices display crucial information regarding squad, perpetrator, victim and crowd location to personnel from the vehicle to the incident scene. Purpose built design and reliability mean responders can rely on our solutions to take the next best action in dealing with crimes in progress, fires and hazardous incidents, natural disasters and other potentially life-threatening situations. Command staff can assign resources and direct response efforts more effectively knowing the location and health not only of their personnel, but also the technology they rely on to respond most effectively.

Enhance Responder Safety

Having access to real-time intelligence about events as they unfold gives responders and command staff the ability to make smarter, safer decisions, including the health and state of mind of responder in highly stressful and dangerous environments.

Increase Efficiency

Knowing the location of personnel and assets such as fire trucks, ambulances, hydrants and defibrillators helps commanders optimize utilization of their limited resources.

Enable a Safer Public

Ultimately, situational awareness ensures a faster and more effective response to emergencies resulting in faster mitigation of public threat and minimizing danger for citizens.

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