Military Supply Chain & Logistics

military personnel dropping off supplies to a base

Manage Your Military Supply Chain and Logistics Smoothly and Securely

All service branches of the U.S. Armed Forces require robust and well-functioning supply chain/logistics operations to meet their mission to serve and protect our country. Zebra’s military supply chain and logistics solutions help ensure the military has the tools and capabilities necessary to move services and resources — weapons, food, equipment, fuel and more — where they’re needed to support the warfighter. With Zebra’s mobile technology solutions, you keep operations moving smoothly around the clock while maintaining information security and real-time data analysis capabilities. You can optimize load planning and packing, track deliveries, and guarantee that the right supplies go where they’re needed in the most efficient way. Our actionable intelligence, automated processes, and unprecedented connectivity help you streamline operations, ensure compliance, and deliver supplies accurately, dependably and on-time.

Storage and Supply Depots

Mobile computing, scanning, and printing solutions connect each operational area, giving visibility into all assets for integrated, productive and compliant military supply chains.

Transportation and Delivery

Constant connectivity ensures that assets and supplies keep moving smoothly around the clock.

On-Base Transport & Logistics

Maintain safe, secure and efficient base operations with real-time visibility into assets, processes and people.

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Our array of purpose-built mobile computers, printers and RFID products enable a fully customized solution for your supply chain needs.


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With Zebra Certified Supplies, you can be confident that your labels and receipts will be readable and scan correctly – and fit your application and budget.

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