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Real-time Tracking and Locationing

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Predictive Analytics for Actionable Decision-Making

Actionable, Data-Driven Insights - Track Assets and Locate Staff and Patients in Real-Time

Gain visibility into your operations - supplies, usage, staffing, medical equipment - and leverage it into actionable decision-making with tracking technology. Save steps and time by ending the hunt for missing assets; from intravenous pumps and heart monitors to beds and wheelchairs by locating them right when you need it, right in the palm of your hand. Use proximity and contact tracing insights to help protect your patients and staff.

  • Locate Critical Medical Equipment Immediately and Accurately

    Reduce valuable time and steps searching for missing equipment. Gain greater visibility into your supplies, equipment, purchasing history and inventory needs. Free up working capital, help reduce wait times, and restore time for care.

  • Gain Visibility into Patient Flow Throughout Their Care Journey

    Track patients throughout their hospital journey, help reduce medical errors, and streamline medical dispensing.

  • Eliminate Workflow Bottlenecks and Schedule Staff More Efficiently

    Alert support staff on patient discharge or post-surgical procedures for faster room turnovers. Gain visibility across your entire facility and harness the power of real-time data for confident decision making. 

Real-time Tracking and Locationing Technology Solutions

Hospital Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Zebra's hospital tracking and inventory management system places sensors and tags on critical medical assets to provide real-time visibility into every item.

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Patient Tracking

Zebra's Patient Tracking Solutions provide real-time patient flow data for better decision making throughout their care journey.

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Staff Tracking

Improve Staff efficiency, safety and satisfaction by eliminating workflow bottlenecks with real-time staff tracking technology.

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See How Zebra is Innovating Real-time Tracking

Health Care Man using Zebra Tablet

Increasing Patient Safety and Decreasing Costs with RFID Asset Tracking

Learn how Hull University Teaching Hospitals achieved real-time visibility using Zebra and Tagnos asset tracking solutions.

doctor holding enterprise tablet with data on the screen

Smarter, More Connected Hospitals

Discover what integrated technologies healthcare leaders are investing in to mobilize urgent care teams, automate more workflows and regain control of supply chains to better support clinicians and patients.

Masked healthcare provider looking at a monitor

Out-of-the-Box RFID Solution Streamlines Asset Tracking

RFID tags on this Irish hospital's dialysis machines are now read continuously, without human intervention.

Let Zebra Design a Real-time Intelligence Solution to Meet your Needs