Covid-19 Pandemic Response

Person in hazard suit and goggles swiping cotton swap on a petri dish

Empowering our Heroes on the Front Line

Here to Help

Zebra is truly honored to be able to protect and equip front line workers who keep us safe. In these testing times, we salute the efforts of first responders as they serve in hospitals, testing sites, labs and we continue to be here to provide the right technology to help them do their job better, faster and safer.

Optimizing Safety, Speed and Accuracy in Temporary Hospitals

Our durable, always-on hardware portfolio helps support caregivers in replicating in temporary care facilities the critical workflows used in standard acute settings.

Real-time Data, Real-time Guidance

Barcode scanning technology plays a vital role in optimizing specimen collection, testing and reporting workflows. Amidst high volume demands in laboratories, barcode scanning and printing eliminate the need for multiple data entries and help reduce misidentification errors.

Desinfectant Ready for Increased Safety

Our purpose built barcode scanners, printers and handheld device come in desinfectant-ready plastics to help protect caregivers from the risk of infection and enhance patient care.

Solutions Supporting Workflows in Temporary Field Hospitals

Our proven, purpose-built devices enable clinicians to replicate critical workflows used in standard acute settings and transfer them to emergency care facilities.

Automating Workflows for Greater Testing Performance

Leverage Mobile Barcode Technology for accurate patient identification, and safe and speedy labeling and printing of swabs.

Gloved lab worker looking at a vial with Coronavirus

High Volumes of Specimen Testing Require High Performance Lab Management

As the pace and volume of specimen testing intensifies during the pandemic, it is essential to accelerate the safety, accuracy and speed of lab specimen management.

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Designed to withstand the rigours of infection control regimes, Zebra's Handheld Devices are designed to best protect healthcare workers on the front line.