Pharmacy Management

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Help Ensure Right Patient, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Time

Dispense Prescriptions with Confidence

Improve pharmacy management and dispensing accuracy with Zebra's pharmacy label printers, barcode scanners and software. Quickly and easily track medications to the unit-dose level and compare them against the prescription order. This ensures the correct medication is dispensed in the correct dosage for the intended patient, supporting the five rights of medication administration.

Support Pharmacy Workflows

Manage all phases of medication management efficiently - from inventory to prescription verification and accurate dispensing.

Help Reduce Dispensing Errors

Verify and record medication dispensing to ensure the correct medication in the correct dosage will be administered.

Access Vital Information

Review patient information and the doctor's prognosis to support the five rights of medication administration.

Dispense Prescriptions Confidently with Technology Built for Healthcare

Support busy pharmacy workflows and improve prescription verification with Zebra's pharmacy solutions.

pharmacist scanning medication in a lab with a zebra barcode scanner

Barcode-Based Patient Safety

Maximizing patient safety and improving the quality of care is the ultimate goal of the hospital pharmacy. Barcode technologies provide the foundation for enhancing patient identification and driving efficiencies throughout the pharmacy.

Two pharmacists scanning on medications

The Path to Reducing Medication Errors

Dispensing errors contribute directly to Adverse Drug Events. One of the most proven methods to prevent medical errors is to use barcoding to identify medications at the unit-dose level for dispensing and administration.

Learn More About Zebra's Pharmacy Management Solutions

Design Your Pharmacy Management Solution


Print and scan prescription labels with high-speed, reliable barcode printers and scanners designed for continuous operation in the fast-paced pharmacy environment. 


Zebra labels use materials and adhesives that accommodate packaging variables and reliably maintain adhesion to numerous medication surfaces and their shapes, including syringes and IV bags.

Software and Applications

Communicating across multiple devices leads to confusion. Zebra software allows healthcare professionals to do everything they need with one device, keeping staff in touch and on the same page.


Zebra services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your pharmacy's current and future needs.