Staff Tracking

hospital staff tracking using mobile devices for healthcare

Accelerate Responsiveness, Improve Care Coordination

Improve Staff Efficiency, Safety and Satisfaction by Eliminating Workflow Bottlenecks

Clinicians don't tend to have visibility into real-time staff location and frequently have to leave a patient's bedside to search for colleagues to assist them in delivering care.

Boost Workflow Efficiency

Identify and mobilize the nearest specialized staff to respond in emergencies. Reduce clinician alert and alarm fatigue.

Adjust Staff Levels Effectively

Dynamically balance patient care based on workload and automatically assign clinicians to patients based on their proximity. Analyze historical data to predict future requirements and adjust staffing levels to better meet patient needs.

Support Infection Control

Hand hygiene is critical to battle the spread of infection. Locationing solutions can record and track compliance with hand hygiene protocols before entering and after leaving a patient's room.

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Smarter, More Connected Hospitals

Discover what integrated technologies healthcare leaders are investing in to mobilize urgent care teams, automate more workflows and regain control of supply chains to better support clinicians and patients.

Accurate Staff Locationing Helps Accelerate Response Times and Elevate Patient Care

Learn how location technologies can give you the insight needed to make informed decisions, streamline your workflows and improve patient care.

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Tracking Solutions Drive Smarter Patient Care

Through the right mix of tracking solutions, gain real-time insights to rapidly locate teams and give your clinicians more power to act.

Learn More about Zebra's Staff Tracking Solutions

Build Your Hospital Staff Tracking Solution


Our extensive range of card and RFID printers, readers and mobile computers make it easy to build a hospital tracking system that gets all staff on the same system for easy, accurate staff tracking.


Zebra's composite PVC cards are ISO-compliant, offering sharp images and crisp, easily scannable barcodes. 

Software and Applications

Communicating across multiple devices leads to confusion. Zebra software allows healthcare professionals to do everything they need with one device, keeping co-workers in touch and on the same page.


Zebra OneCare ensures that Zebra devices achieve maximum uptime and peak performance. Multiple service levels are available to meet each hospital's unique requirements and protect operational investments.