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Hospitality Technology Solutions

Three people standing in a hotel lobby.

Deliver a Customized Guest Experience

Zebra's hospitality technology solutions are designed to enhance the guest experience, accelerate service delivery and increase operational efficiency. Equip your operation with mobile payment and ordering capability, food safety tracking, inventory management and staff communication technologies to provide superior, personalized service—because great hospitality happens at every touchpoint whether you're a hotel, quick serve restaurant or entertainment venue.

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buffet table of food and beverages for an event

Food and Beverage

Optimize Food and Beverage Operations for Optimal Guest Experiences

Providing the best guest experience requires you to meet stringent guidelines, label packaged foods and have mobile ordering and payment capabilities. Zebra’s purpose-built solutions for food and beverage operations help you create smarter environments that give you insight into every corner of your business—so you can deliver the ultimate experience.

hotel staff waiting to greet guests in the lobby

Communication Devices

Purpose-driven designs that increase productivity and personalize service

Empower your hospitality staff with technology that helps them deliver superior guest service for repeat customers and positive reviews. Zebra’s hospitality mobile computers and smartphones enable those on the front line to respond efficiently and offer remarkable service at every point of contact.

stacks of clean dishes for restaurant service

Restaurant and Hotel Inventory Management

Real-time inventory enables real guest satisfaction

Address guests' needs efficiently and increase productivity by tracking goods and services throughout your operation in real time. Zebra’s inventory tracking technology lets you see everything that's in motion so you can take swift action, whether you're in the kitchen, banquet hall or room—empowering your staff with a performance edge.

restaurant staff handing loyalty card back to customer

Loyalty and Access Card Printing

Put your guest first to build a relationship that lasts

Providing a personalized experience that rewards and protects guests is the quickest way to build brand loyalty and increase repeat visits. Zebra’s on-demand access card printing, mobile payment and scanning technology connects with guests and delivers a memorable experience everyone wants to be a part of.

The Latest in Hospitality Technology

Quick Service Restaurant on tablet at pickup station

Tech-Enabled QSR's

Find out about the latest technology and applications that optimize QSR operations.

Automating Food Safety Assurance

Learn how Zebra and Disney CHEFS™ are automating food safety procedures from the moment food is received at the loading dock to just before guests’ savor their first bites.

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It could be a win-win to let employees use personal devices on the clock. However, more businesses are starting to backtrack on BYOD. Why? Hear both sides of the story.

Let Zebra Help You Design a Hospitality Technology Solution to Compete at the Edge