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Account for Every Product and Possibility

When trying to locate a product or the source of a potential manufacturing problem, time is not on your side. Zebra track and trace solutions make traceability easy for anyone to achieve. With sensors, readers and scanning technology, it’s simple to create a complete record of every product as it moves through every step of your manufacturing facility. Our portfolio of track and trace solutions includes Zebra’s family of Fixed Industrial Scanners to enable automatic track and trace of every part and package and our Machine Vision solutions of smart cameras designed to enhance your operations from simple track and trace to complex quality inspection checks.

  • Provide Quality Control with Supply Chain Visibility

    Create a smarter, more connected business that incorporates complete visibility. Zebra track and trace solutions enable you to take a holistic view of operations and know what’s going on across the end-to-end supply chain. Capture data and turn it into actionable information to control quality, streamline processes and optimize production.

  • Enable Cost-Efficient Regulatory Compliance

    Track and trace parts or ingredients to safeguard quality and compliance from the moment raw materials or components are received to the moment finished goods are shipped. Ensure that finished goods match specifications and obtain line-of-sight to the origin of all ingredients or component materials with Zebra track and trace solutions.

  • Protect Consumer Safety and Customer Satisfaction

    Minimize risk, protect customer relationships and drive accountability with suppliers by knowing when defects are present, identifying what caused them and which batches are affected by them. With Zebra track and trace solutions, ensure your customers always receives the right product, manufactured the right way, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Traceability Solutions


Utilize Zebra's technology solutions during the assembly process to efficiently and accurately track and trace quality at every point in your production process.

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Inbound Processing

Quickly and accurately process materials when they arrive at the plant to avoid bottlenecks in your production process using Zebra inbound processing solutions.

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Line Side Replenishment

Automate the line side replenishment process to keep exactly the right amount of material on hand with Zebra mobile computers.

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Quality Management in Manufacturing

Detect, isolate and eliminate quality management issues using Zebra's range of sensor tags, readers, scanners and machine vision solutions.

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Track and Trace in Manufacturing

Zebra's track and trace solutions includes Fixed Industrial Scanners to enable automatic track and trace of every part and package in your manufacturing environment.

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See How Zebra is Innovating Tracability

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Traceability Solutions Keep Pace with the Packing Line

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Prepare Your Business for the Future of Food Safety

Food safety is a top concern for food and beverage industry decision-makers and consumers. See how you can future-proof your business and gain a competitive advantage by embracing the technology that improves food safety and traceability.

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Real-Time RFID Tracking and Automation Increases Efficiency

Troy Design and Manufacturing company uses Zebra RFID solutions to automatically track and verify every step of its vehicle conversions in real time — from receipt to completion.

Let Zebra Design a Traceability Solution to Meet Your Needs