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Maintenance worker checking Zebra tablet in docking station

Improve Asset Management and Maintenance

Migrate from reactive to proactive maintenance with visibility into plant floor machinery. Downtime can occur and quality can be affected when machinery or devices operate poorly, require replacement parts or have connectivity issues. Enable your maintenance crews to be notified of an impending issue in real time to allow maintenance to be performed without any interruption to production. Eliminate points of failure and deploy Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-enabled machinery and devices to gain visibility of plant floor assets, reduce cost and increase quality.

Prevent Production Downtime

Avoid small delays and full shutdowns that can significantly impact your bottom line. Reduce machine breakdowns and reduce overall maintenance costs. Place mobile barcodes and sensors at key points in your facility to promote quick response, with alerts and alarms, to optimize maintenance and keep downtime to a minimum.

Proactively Maintain Machinery

Invest in solutions that provide the necessary intelligence to improve operational decision-making and overall production. Acquire asset intelligence to avoid interruptions across the production ecosystem. Enable the maintenance and calibration of equipment so that the production process continues to run smoothly, with no machinery delays or breakdowns.

Better Plant Floor Visibility

Zebra solutions can help you build a connected factory that offers unparalleled visibility. Provide maintenance teams with mobile computers to connect with IoT-enabled machinery, receive warnings or alerts on near out-of-tolerance events, manage machine settings remotely and automate machine readings using handheld devices.

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Zebra’s printers, mobile computers, ultra-rugged scanners and tablets are ideal for working in industrial settings, allowing you to quickly access essential information anywhere you need it. 


Zebra’s RFID labels and barcode labels and tags ensure high print quality, durability and read performance, as well as reduced printer wear and tear.

Software and Applications

Fight fragmentation and keep your team constantly connected and in contact on the plant floor with Zebra’s software solutions.


Whether you need maintenance, on site support, or just someone to help you find the right devices for your organizations current and future needs, Zebra is at your service.