Fleet and Delivery

Man using a mobile computer to scan a barcode on a box on a truck

The Roadmap to Flawless Fulfillment

Ensure flawless fulfillment from your floor to your customer's door by maximizing visibility into every leg of the journey. From proactive maintenance and route planning to final proof of delivery, your fleet will be operating at optimal efficiency to deliver fast, filled, on-time, and violation-free with Zebra's rugged, purpose-built hardware, partner software, and innovative solutions.

Fleet and Delivery Solutions

Postal and Courier

Provide your customers with visibility from pick-up to delivery and ensure that the right package gets to the right person at the right time without errors.

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Proof of Pick-up and Delivery

Ensure accurate chain of custody handoff during pick-up and delivery with electronic signature capture and mobile receipt capabilities.

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Fleet Management

Keep your fleet on the road with proactive maintenance, route optimization and compliance checks by keeping all your assets and people connected.

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Food Safety Supply Chain Solutions

Zebra’s Food Safety Supply Chain Solutions helps you transform your food supply chain from farm to fork for safety, traceability and transparency.

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See How Zebra Is Innovating the Fleet and Delivery Experience

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How Flexible Is Your Supply Chain?

Evaluate your readiness in two areas which are essential to meet the accelerated pace of on-demand fulfillment: digitization and industry collaboration.

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Connect with Us At PromatDX

Supply chain solutions are more critical to business success than they have ever been, that’s why Zebra is excited to be a sponsor at the ProMatDX virtual event, April 12-15 and demonstrate how it enables end-to-end visibility across the supply chain

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The Future of Field Operations Study

Zebra’s global study offers insight into how field operations leaders are planning increased use of enterprise mobility.

Zebra Will Help You Design a Fleet and Delivery Solution to Meet Your Needs