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Transportation and Logistics Industry Segment

Yard and Terminal

Put efficiency and security on the fast track.

Yard Management Solutions to Enhance Yard Operations, Streamline Workflows, Strengthen Security and Ensure Compliance

Maintaining a safe, secure and efficient yard is a complex challenge, and having visibility into all your assets, people, and processes is paramount to your success. Zebra gives you the ability to streamline workflows and tighten security by continuously tracking assets, connecting your workforce, minimizing wait and turnaround times, and ensuring compliance—every step of the way.

Less Devices, More Productivity

Workcloud Communication is the easy way to marry all your voice and data communication into one multifunctional mobile computer.

Browse Yard and Terminal Technology

Asset and Facility Management
Asset and Facility Management

Monitor and track the maintenance and location of equipment and assets at all times to proactively keep operations running efficiently.

Staff Communications
Staff Communications

Provide your workforce with reliable, rugged voice and data communication devices that increase productivity and promote safe and efficient workflows.

Yard Management
Yard Management

Reduce wait times and increase throughput with real-time locationing to identify, prioritize and keep track of each trailer or container in your yard.

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