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Location Solutions

Give your organization the power of a Visible Value ChainTM solution. Zebra's enabling technologies - including RFID and RTLS - illuminate the daily events involving your assets, people and actions. You know in real time the location, condition, timing, accuracy, and speed of the events occurring throughout your operations. Use this knowledge to gain insights that inspire innovation.

Track in Real-Time
Forecast with Accuracy

Amazing Level of Visibility
Improve Efficiency

Harness the Visible Value Chain for Powerful Business Intelligence

As a global leader respected for innovation and reliability, Zebra offers enabling technologies that illuminate the daily events occurring throughout your operations involving your assets, people and actions. At Zebra, we believe organizations have an opportunity to use this data to gain insights and create new value. 

Zebra's extensive portfolio of technologies offers a digital view of your physical operations. With Zebra you know, in real time, the location, condition, timing, accuracy and speed of the events occurring throughout your value chain. This knowledge gives you insights that inspire innovation, creating new value for your business and your customers. For smarter decision making. For increased customer loyalty. For greater efficiencies. For improved profitability.