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Active RFID & Real-Time Locating Systems

Enable complete visibility into your operations, business processes and supply chain workflow with Zebra's active RFID tracking solutions. Leverage state-of-the-art active RFID software and hardware to trace the path of high-value assets, equipment and personnel from start to finish. With Zebra's active RFID systems, optimize your business operations by increasing throughput, productivity, profitability and efficiency.

Zebra's Active RFID includes industry leading Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technologies based on ultra-wide band (UWB), WhereNet and Wi-Fi® Active RFID.

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Monitor the location of thousands of assets in real time with Zebra's Dart ultra-wideband tags. Available as a tag or a badge and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

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Zebra's WhereTag products offer active RFID capabilities for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Trigger immediate, wireless replenishment requests with WhereCall messaging tags – a component of Zebra's Material Flow Replenishment System.

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Dart Vision Reader

A simple and seamless hub connection to get your Dart ultra wideband sensors fully operational and managed.

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WhereLAN sensors efficiently and accurately collect information from WhereTags and WhereCall buttons to provide you with real time visibility of your important assets in indoor, outdoor and heavy industrial environments.

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Use the WhereWand tag configuration tool to configure your WhereTag asset tags, WherePort exciters and WhereLAN location sensors with ease.

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Essential to any RTLS solution, the WherePort proximity communication exciter lets you know when your assets are on the move. Available in several models to meet indoor and outdoor applications.

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Dart Hub

A simple and seamless hub connection to get your Dart ultra wideband sensors fully operational and managed.

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Dart Sensors

Zebra's Dart ultra-wideband sensors integrate into Zebra UWB Real-Time Locating systems (RTLS) for visibility throughout your indoor, outdoor or even hazardous operations.

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Visibility Server Software

Zebra's Visibility Server Software lets you manage and monitor your Real Time Location System for a higher level of asset and personnel visibility.

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System Builder

Use the Dart System Builder to build the most optimal and efficient Dart UWB RTLS system for your site, taking into account your specific application wants and needs.

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