ZQ110 Mobile Printer Utilities

Unified Utility, Android Utility, Net Configuration Tool

These utilities provide additional functionality for your ZQ110 mobile printer:

The ZQ110 Unified Utility sets printer operation conditions via non-hardware control, software-based virtual switches (VMSM: Virtual Memory Switch Manager). It also facilitates the downloading of image files, such as logos, intended for repetitive printing (NV Image Download Manager).

The ZQ110 Android Utility sets the virtual memory switch used for the thermal printer and helps you download user-defined images to the flash memory in the printer and to recall and print those images with fast speed.

The ZQ110 Net Configuration Tool is a utility program used to set printer operation conditions. 

The ZQ110 iOS Utility will allow you to print sample receipts directly from your iPhone or iPad to a ZQ110 Zebra printer.

All utilities also install the latest firmware to your printer. Android utilities can be downloaded below. The iOS utility can be downloaded from the App Store. 

ZQ110 Android Printer Utilities

  • zq110-android-utility.zip

    ZQ110 Android Utility

      Download 5 MB OPERATING SYSTEM: Android

ZQ110 Windows Printer Utilities

  • zq110-net-config-tool.zip

    ZQ110 Net Configuration Tool Setup

      Download 1 MB OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5
  • zq110-unified-mobile-utility.zip

    ZQ110 Unified Mobile Utility

      Download 5 MB OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5

ZQ110 iOS Printer Utility


  • ZQ110 모바일 프린터 통합 유틸리티 매뉴얼 (ko)

    P1069081-081 Rev. A

    Download 872 KB
  • ZQ110 Ferramenta de configuração de rede (pt)

    P1069082-091 Rev. A

    Download 992 KB
  • ZQ110 Mobildrucker-Handbuch für iOS-Dienstprogramm (de)

    P1069078-031 Rev. A

    Download 925 KB
  • ZQ110 모바일 프린터 Android Utility 매뉴얼 (ko)

    P1069080-081 Rev. A

    Download 932 KB
  • ZQ110 Outil Net Configuration Tool de l'imprimante mobile (fr)

    P1069082-021 Rev. A

    Download 943 KB
  • ZQ110 Manual do utilitário Android para impressora móvel (pt)

    P1069080-091 Rev. A

    Download 854 KB
  • ZQ110 Herramienta de configuración de red (es)

    P1069082-041 Rev. A

    Download 944 KB
  • ZQ110 모바일 프린터 Net Configuration Tool (ko)

    P1069082-081 Rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • ZQ110 Mobildrucker-Handbuch für Android-Dienstprogramm (de)

    P1069080-031 Rev. A

    Download 879 KB
  • ZQ110 移动打印机网络配置工具 (zhcn)

    P1069082-061 Rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • ZQ110 Imprimante mobile Manuel de l'utilitaire Unified (fr)

    P1069081-021 Rev. A

    Download 769 KB
  • ZQ110 Mobildrucker-Handbuch Unified-Dienstprogramm (de)

    P1069081-031 Rev. A

    Download 787 KB
  • ZQ110 Netzkonfigurations-Tool für den Mobildrucker (de)

    P1069082-031 Rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • ZQ110 モバイルプリンターiOSユーティリティマニュアル (ja)

    P1069078-071 Rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • ZQ110 Impressora móvel Manual do utilitário unificado (pt)

    P1069081-091 Rev. A

    Download 760 KB
  • ZQ110 모바일 프린터 iOS 유틸리티 매뉴얼 (ko)

    P1069078-081 Rev. A

    Download 1 MB

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