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MC9200 Platform SDK version 04.00.01 Release Notes


The "Windows CE Platform SDK v04.00.01 for MC92N0c70" provides the tools necessary for creating standard C/C++ applications for the MC92N0 running Windows CE v7.0.

Please note that although this Platform SDK can be used to develop standard Windows CE applications, it does not provide support for the Symbol Value-Add APIs, such as those used to implement scanning applications. To access the Symbol API, this kit must be used in conjunction with EMDK for VS2008, which is available for download from


Version 0.1

Initial Release for PT1

Version 0.2

Release for feature complete

 Version 1.1

Release for RevA

 Version 2.0

Release for RevB

Version 3.0

Release for RevC

Version 4.0.1

Release for RevD



The components are installed in the following folder:

Component Location
Platform Files C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\SDKs\ MC9200c70 Windows CE 7.0 PSDK

Installation Instructions

The following software packages must be installed prior to the installation of the Platform SDK for MC9200c70. Most are available as a download from Microsoft’s website.

NOTE: Before installing any version of the MC9200c70 PSDK, please uninstall any earlier versions of the same.

NOTE: MC9200c70 PSDK installation process fails if Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 is installed together with Visual Studio 2008 on the same PC.

NOTE: Prior to opening Visual C++ Smart Device projects/solutions targeting an earlier version of the MC92 CE 7.0 platform SDK, please manually edit their .sln and/or .vcproj files and replace all 'Motorola MC9200c70' occurrences with 'MC9200c70'.

Once this package has been installed, Microsoft Visual Studio IDE will contain a new selection for the MC9200c70 in the "Build->Configuration Manager" menu field (MC9200c70 Windows CE 7.0 PSDK). This entry must be selected when creating and debugging applications for MC9200c70 device.

Changes and Fixes



Release Date

Release Date: 12 July 2016