USB CDC Driver for Windows

The Zebra CDC driver is a self-contained driver recommended for installation when a Zebra Scanner must be used in USB CDC host mode.  

CDC driver version 2.15.05 provides functionality on Windows XP but will prompt with a warning message as Microsoft no longer recertifies drivers for the Windows XP operating system. 

The Windows 10 native CDC driver included in the Windows 10 operating system supports Zebra scanners and should be used to provide CDC functionality in the Windows 10 environment.

Zebra Scanner CDC drivers are currently in the process of being re-certified for SHA-2 encryption on 32 and 64bit Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Until new CDC drivers are released, use the following workaround procedures if necessary:

1. If installation of the CDC driver on 32bit Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 produces a ‘Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software’ warning message, click the ‘Install this driver software anyway’ option. If the scanner is set to ‘USB CDC Virtual COM port’ mode, most often the driver will create a virtual COM port that functions as expected.

2. After installation, if the CDC driver produces an error code 52 and a message ‘Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device’, installing either of 2 Windows updates may be required. To check if either of these updates is installed on your PC, enter the following commands at a command prompt:

•  wmic qfe | find "3033929"

•  wmic qfe | find "3125574"

If neither of these commands indicated the update has been installed, use one of the following links to apply the fix:

• Standalone update KB3033929

• Convenience Rollup KB3125574

After installing one of these updates, reboot your PC and the error code 52 message should disappear.

3. After installation, the CDC driver may fail to create the expected virtual COM port. It is possible that Windows update KB3004394 is installed on your PC which changes the Windows root certificate and may interfere with some signed drivers and software. Microsoft is no longer pushing this update but if it is already installed on your PC, it can be manually uninstalled. To check if this update is installed on your PC, enter the following command at a command prompt:

• wmic qfe | find "3004394"

To uninstall this update, go to the Control Panel, then ‘Programs and Features’ and click ‘View installed updates’. Sort by Name and locate KB3004394 in the list. Right-mouse click on update 3004394 and select ‘Uninstall’. Reboot your PC and check that the virtual COM port has been created.


Windows 7.0 (32 and 64 bit), 8.1 (64 bit) and XP (32 Bit)

Installation Requirements

Install the software package according the Release Notes provided.


Version 2.15.05 Version Release Date: April 2016

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:
  • - DS3608-DP DS3678-DP Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - DS3608-ER DS3678-ER Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - DS3608-HD DS3678-HD Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - DS3608-HP DS3678-HP Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - DS3608-SR DS3678-SR Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - DS4208
  • - DS457 Series
  • - DS4800 Series
  • - DS6707-DP Handheld DPM Digital Imager Scanner
  • - DS6707-HD Handheld Digital Imager Scanner
  • - DS6878-DL
  • - DS6878-HC
  • - DS6878-SR Cordless Bluetooth 2D Imager
  • - DS9208 Omnidirectional Hands-Free Presentation Imager
  • - LI3608 LI3678 Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - LI4278
  • - MP6000 Scanner Scale
  • - Symbol DS4308
  • - Symbol DS4308-HC
  • - Symbol DS4308P
  • - Symbol DS6708-DL Handheld Imager Scanner
  • - Symbol DS7708
  • - Symbol DS9808 Hybrid Presentation Imager
  • - Symbol LS2208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner
  • - Symbol LS3008 Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • - Symbol LS7708 General Purpose Presentation Scanner



64 bit

 Download 5 MB

 Download 4 MB


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