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Mobile Computer Software

Mobile Computer Software Support

Below you will find software that is applicable to the Zebra mobile computer family. Information on specific model compatibility and user device requirements is available on each software page. Some software requires the purchase of activation key licenses. We also provide more information on Zebra software end-user license agreement classifications and the Software Download FAQs page that answers questions you may have with regards to software warranty, downloading restricted software, and more.

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Enables Fast Boot OS updates, debug log capture, file push and APK installation on remote Zebra Android devices

Install this driver onto a Windows 7 / 8.1 PC when a Zebra scanner is used in USB CDC host mode

Zebra DNA Cloud (ZDNA) is an administrative solution for managing and configuring Zebra devices and apps.

Download the Workstation (Server) component of StageNow onto your Windows 7 or newer PC. StageNow simplifies the staging of Zebra Android devices with a quick barcode scan or NFC tag tap.

Used to configure a feature for which no Android Enterprise API is available

An extension to the Startup process that allows control of the order that files are executed upon the reboot of a Zebra Windows device

Enables the capture of changes to registry and file system of a connected Zebra Windows device

Enables the download of .hex files from PC to a Zebra Windows CE device via USB

Convenient management of Zebra Windows device configuration through the use of templates with definable configuration choices

Administrator tool to limit usage to one or more specified applications on a Zebra Android device, prevent changes to device settings and lock down the file system

Extends the capability of standard Android devices to meet enterprise demands including robust security and manageability

Simple, royalty-free application to locate Zebra TC20/TC25 Android mobile computers (and previous models MC2180/MC3200)

Device Tracker is a cloud-hosted software solution used to track Zebra Android mobile devices.

Provides control over device applications and functionality to prevent unauthorized usage (available at no-charge for Zebra Windows devices)

Used to hierarchically organize and launch applications on Zebra Windows devices, and provides a configurable keyboard / touch interface

Used to view and modify Zebra Windows Mobile device settings e.g., Scanner Parameters, Display Settings, Audio Settings, Printer Settings, Touch Screen Settings

Provides packages that can be used to configure devices for Common Criteria testing.

Manage which peripherals are permitted to connect to the host device through any of the Connect Cradles or the Connect Hub.

Wireless driver/supplicant that allows WLAN connectivity, configuration, status reporting and diagnostics on Zebra Android/Windows devices

Keyboard Customization

Keyboard customization tool including personal dictionary and key mapping/layout for Zebra Android devices (EKD installs on PC)

Provides an estimate of battery health based on battery power, cycle count and predefined battery usage count threshold values on select Zebra Windows devices

Provides a centralized way to connect and monitor supported Bluetooth peripherals (Android)

Royalty-free application that runs hardware, battery, software, and connectivity tests on Zebra Android devices (automatically loaded on newer devices). Device Diagnostic Tool Release 1.0 (not supported) is available for you to test older Zebra Android or Windows devices.

Fully functional, real-time WiFi Analysis and troubleshooting tool to help analyze and resolve WiFi issues (preloaded on supported Zebra Android devices)

Enriches our ecosystem providers’ dashboard by providing Zebra mobile computer device analytics and voice data.

Zebra Workstation Connect is a powerful value-add software solution to transform Zebra mobile computers and tablets into workstations, on-demand.

Proximity & Locationing

Enables worker proximity sensing, alerts and logging, providing a suite of cloud based reports and dashboards on proximity trend events

Download this on Zebra Windows devices that do not come pre-installed with DataWedge; enables all on-device apps to acquire data from the scanner without an API

Plug-in for Zebra Windows devices so DataWedge can receive data from remote client applications over an IP network

Plug-in for Zebra Windows devices so DataWedge can send data to remote client applications over an IP network.

Allows the PC to receive data from the plug-ins (regardless from Zebra Android or Windows devices) and to have that data sent to the foreground window

When integrated into your Android application, it enables workflow optimization by allowing the capture of form contents in a single scan

Provides driver software to support Document Capture 2.0 on specific Zebra Windows Mobile 6.5.3 devices

Updates the SCN firmware on Zebra Windows devices

Used to create and edit profile parameters on the Zebra TC70x

Plug-in for Zebra Windows devices so DataWedge can send data to remote client applications over an IP network

Allows developers to easily create powerful Android applications for enterprise mobility devices

Allows developers to create Xamarin applications that target the enterprise mobility Xamarin libraries

Allows developers to create applications that target the enterprise mobility C libraries

Allows developers to create .NET applications for Windows Mobile/CE/7 hosts

An Android library built on top of the existing Android NFC APIs and Apple VAS protocol. This SDK is designed to build an application communicating with NFC.

Enables app creation on PCs, smart phones and tablets, supporting the most popular operating systems

Allows developers to create Android applications that control Zebra scanners

For Psion mobile devices including Workabout Pro 4 and VH10

Enables developers to build feature-rich web applications that integrate seamlessly with Zebra Android/Windows mobile computers and peripherals

Simplifies DOM injection which can add capabilities to a running Enterprise Browser app without changing the source code

Allows developers to create mobile browser-based applications on standard Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile

Stand-alone Windows Control Panel application used for camera and non-Zebra imagers in legacy products

Provides a TESS-based client for TekRF and TekConsole applications

Enterprise-wide middleware solution that provides integration with an SAP ERP application, primarily mobile barcode and RFID support

Bring existing telnet apps to Android (pre-loaded and pre-licensed on some devices)

Clears the history and cache/cookies automatically on boot (for Zebra Windows devices)

Collects logs from from Zebra Windows devices

Full Reset Minus External SD Card for the TC75

Part of Zebra's narrowband digital wireless solution (not available for Android / iOS)

Simplifies the development of OSUpdate packages (for Zebra Windows devices)

Enables the export of device configuration and version information in a .csv file (for Zebra Windows devices)

Makes system memory bar change cold boot persistent (for Zebra Windows CE devices)

Allows you to enable/disable RIL logging on the go (for Zebra Windows Mobile 6.1 / 6.5.3)

Allows you to enable/disable GPS logging on the go (for Zebra Windows Mobile 6.1 / 6.5.3)

The DX30/SmartDEX combination allows a wireless DEX communication solution for Zebra Android/Windows devices

Works with both DEX cables and the wireless Bluetooth-enabled DX30 device

Used to configure the cradle ethernet port of a docked Zebra MC909x mobile device

Used to configure Ethernet cradles (CRD9000-4) for Zebra MC90xx / MC91xx devices

Eases the changing of country setting for CRD5500-1000XR / CRD5501-1000XR Modem cradles

Enables the use of RFD2000 as an accessory RFID sled for the TC20 premium Android terminal

Key variable loader utility to transfer encryption keys to a target device

Enable your applications with the HD4000 (completion of a brief form is required to access this SDK)

Custom keyboard definition tool for the Zebra MC3200 Windows device

Simplifies cradle wall configuration for Zebra PS20 devices

Allows the recording of calibration data when a Zebra PS20 terminal is placed on a cart

Solution to manage and control Android mobile assets, that can help reduce the number of missing or unaccounted mobile computers

Zebra Pay is an App and Service that runs on PD20 devices, which is a component that passes data into the solution

Simple PTT voice solution for your workcloud with Group Call and Private Response capabilities across a single sub-net

Comprehensive PTT and secure messaging solution over cellular/Wi-Fi for your workcloud; compatible with select Zebra, consumer Android and Apple iOS devices

Connects your entire workcloud via Zebra-Hosted Cloud environment that interoperates with Zebra voice and/or push-to-talk services

Delivers voice features to your mobile computer suite

Provides access to your feature-based licenses and tokens

Looking for something more specific?

You may be looking for software that is very specific to your mobile computer model. You will be able to download driver, firmware, operating system, software development kit or clean boot package specific to your model on individual mobile computer support pages listed on the Mobile Computer Support Page or Discontinued Mobile Computer Support Page.