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8525 G2/8530 G2 Operating System


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- Operating System for Windows CE 5.0

Installation Requirements

7535G2, 7530G2, 8525G2 and 8530G2 Wince 5.0 Upgrade Script

This script is intended to be used with the above G2 Wince devices. This script is designed

to help upgrade BooSt, PCON and the Windows CE OS image.

Please read the following cautions before performing this function:

1) Performing this function will require re-installation of all applications presently on the device.

2) All settings will have to be reconfigured.

3) Installed OS will not be preserved.  

Format Procedure:

1) Confirm that the script is named pxa27xos.img and copy it to a USB flash drive. The USB drive may be FAT-12 or FAT-16, 

    but not FAT-32.

2) Remove or rename any other file on the USB drive named pxa27xos.img.

3) Copy the BooSt image onto the USB drive and rename it to G2BT.img

4) Copy the PCON image, and rename it to G2PCON.img

5) Finally now copy the Windows CE OS image and rename it to G2CE.img

6) Insert the USB drive:

- 7535/30 terminal: PDM

- 8525/30 terminal: USB adapter cable (P/N 1008088-001)

7) Boot the device into BooSt:

- 7535/30 hold the Blue + Enter + Scan buttons for 7 seconds.

- 8525/30 hold the Blue + Enter + Space buttons for 7 seconds.

8) The script should run, and load the appropriate files. Do not remove power until the upgrade process has been successfully completed.


 BSP 1.45.1243


Full Image

Release Date: 

January 2016

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:
  • - 8525 G2 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • - 8530 G2 Vehicle-mounted Computer


8525/8530 1.45.1243 Release Notes Download 16 KB



 Download 16 MB

 Download 23 MB

 Download 22 MB

 Download 23 MB

 Download 24 MB


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