Workforce Connect: Interworking Gateway Support

The Workforce Connect Interworking Gateway (IWG) is a software gateway.  It provides interworking between multiple services, including the Zebra Workforce Connect PTT Pro, PTT Express and 3rd party Land-Mobile Radios.  It also provides API’s to allow external systems to send messages (audio, video, image and text) to PTT Pro clients.

The Interworking Gateway V1 is now ‘End of Life’ (the latest version is V2), effective 1st October 2022.
Please contact your Zebra representative to discuss any implications.

Software Documentation

- Documentation Download





Release Date: 

June 2019

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:


Workforce Connect: Interworking Gateway v1.0.156 Release Notes Download 13 KB


  • Workforce Connect Announcer REST API Developer Guide


    Download 855 KB
  • Workforce Connect Interworking Gateway 1.0.x Administration Guide for Licensing

    MN-003386-03EN Rev. A

    Download 409 KB
  • Workforce Connect Interworking Gateway Manager REST API Developer Guide for IWG V2 (en)

    MN-004016-02EN Rev. A

    Download 495 KB
  • Workforce Connect Interworking Gateway V2 Customer Administrator Guide

    MN-004003-01EN, Rev A.

    Download 1 MB
  • Workforce Connect Messenger REST API Developer Guide


    Download 643 KB


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