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Zebra mobile parcel dimensioning solutions provide contactless dimensioning of regular parcels in multiple settings with metrological certification-level accuracy, leveraging innovative integrated time of flight sensors in listed Zebra terminals. 

Certified Mobile Parcel

The Certified Mobile Parcel solution is legal for trade in applicable regulatory geographies, enabling Zebra customers to charge their own customers based on the certified accuracy of the dimensions captured. 

Mobile Parcel

The non-certified version of the mobile dimensioning client has the same level of accuracy but is not ’legal for trade’. A non-certified solution cannot be upgraded to certified as initial type approval is a factory operation.

The mobile dimensioning client application is typically integrated with Line of Business applications through a set of APIs, making dimensioning capture similar for a user to the reading of a barcode with the resulting data automatically consumed by the connected applications without transcription error.

This support page contains vital information, documentation and downloads to smooth staging, integration, operation and ongoing usage, together with APIs, regulatory approvals, applicable software releases and authorized downloads.

+ Non-Certified Mobile Parcel Download

- Software

Installation Requirements

Please refer to the Mobile Parcel Installation Guide in the Manuals section.


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Release Date: 

October 2022

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the devices listed in Release Notes:


Mobile Parcel v1.0.0.0 Release Note Download 274 KB



 Download 14 MB


+ Certified Mobile parcel

+ Certified Mobile Parcel Release Notes


For a full list of features in each software release, please see the release notes.

+ Metrological Regulatory Approvals

Applicable models:

  • TC53 (Certified Premium models, Android 11.X)
  • TC58 (Certified Premium models), Android 11.X)


For high uptime and availability, we can help your business ensure its Zebra mobile computers, bar code scanners, RFID devices and wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure are online and ready for business.


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