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RFID Readers Software Support

RFID Readers

Below you will find software that is applicable to the Zebra RFID reader family. Information on specific model compatibility and user device requirements is available on each software page. Some software requires the purchase of activation key licenses. We also provide more information on Zebra software end-user license agreement classifications and the Software Download FAQs page that answers questions you may have with regards to software warranty, downloading restricted software, and more.

Expand each category to see the list of software.

+ Utilities

123RFID Desktop is a no-cost Windows desktop utility that makes deploying a Zebra RFID fixed reader as simple as 1, 2, 3. Now, you no longer need to be an expert to deploy RFID – setup and optimization of RFID readers is unbelievably simple.

For use with: ATR7000, FX7500, FX9600, RE40, RFD40

The 123RFID Mobile application demonstrates the performance, functionality and versatility of the RFD8500, RFD2000 or MC3300R device, allowing you to do inventory, access operation and tag locationing from single application. 

For use with: MC3300R, RFD40, RFD8500

A component of Zebra’s Advanced Asset Tracking System, CLAS allows users to configure and manage ATR7000 Array Readers and perform real-time identification, location analytics and tracking of items.

For use with: ATR7000

RapidRead lets perform barcode scanning, inventory, asset counting, tag writing and item location on MC3x90Z and MC9x90-Z devices.

For use with: MC3x90Z,MC9x90-Z

Write once and reuse code on any platform with the Zebra RFID Mobile application. It demonstrates the performance, functionality and versatility of the RFD8500 over Bluetooth Serial Port Profile using directly the powerful ZETI (Zebra Easy Text Interface). 

For use with: RFD8500 1D/2D Sled


The Zebra RFID SDK provides a powerful set of APIs to take full advantage, performance, functionality and versatility of RFID handheld models.

For use with: MC3300R, RFD2000, RFD5500, RFD8500 1D/2D Sled, RFD40

The Unified Zebra RFID SDK for Xamarin (iOS) provides a powerful set of APIs to take full advantage of the MC3300R, RFD2000 and RFD8500 performance, functionality and versatility.

Contains the tools required to develop embedded applications for Zebra FX Series Fixed RFID Readers.

For use with: FX7500, FX9600, ATR7000

Host RFID SDK provides a toolset for developing applications for Zebra RFID reader devices and programmatically accessing or controlling RFID reader functionality.

For use with: FX7400, FX7500, FX9500, FX9600, ATR7000

Scanner Handheld Reader SDK

The windows scanner SDK provides software development API with a wide range of functions for interfacing RFD40/RFD90 scanners to user applications and solutions. With this SDK you can read barcodes, manage scanner configurations.

Network Connect allows for direct communication between the FX9600 fixed RFID reader and the PLC.

For use with: FX9600

You may be looking for software that is very specific to your RFID reader model. You will be able to download firmware or operating system specific to your model on individual RFID reader support pages listed on the RFID Reader Support Page or Discontinued RFID Reader Support Page.