Scanner Management Service for Windows

The Scanner Management Service (SMS) enables your enterprise to remotely manage its Zebra scanners. In addition to accessing asset tracking information and statistics, the SMS (which runs on the scanner’s host PC) can remotely set parameters and update firmware. Providing your enterprise maximum flexibility, the SMS can operate in an automated, unattended manner with no operator intervention required. 


How-To Videos

SMS for Windows 7.0, 8.0, 8.1, 10.0 (32 and 64 bit) and Windows XP (32 bit)

Installation Requirements

Pentium Dual-Core E214 1.6GHz or Pentium Mobile Dual-Core T2060 or Pentium Celeron E1200 1.6GHz

  • 2GB RAM 1.2 GB free hard drive space
  • USB port, 1.1 or higher, for the connection of USB Scanners





Release Date: 

February 2017

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:
  • - DS2200 Series
  • - DS3608-DP DS3678-DP Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - DS3608-ER DS3678-ER Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - DS3608-HD DS3678-HD Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - DS3608-HP DS3678-HP Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - DS3608-SR DS3678-SR Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • - DS4208
  • - DS457 Series
  • - DS4800 Series
  • - DS6707-DP Handheld DPM Digital Imager Scanner
  • - DS6707-HD Handheld Digital Imager Scanner
  • - DS6878-DL
  • - DS6878-HC
  • - DS6878-SR Cordless Bluetooth 2D Imager
  • - DS8100 Series
  • - DS8100-HC
  • - DS9208 Omnidirectional Hands-Free Presentation Imager
  • - LI2208
  • - LI36X8-SR
  • - LI4278
  • - MP6000 Scanner Scale
  • - MP7000 Multi-Plane Scanner
  • - Symbol DS 6708-DL Handheld Imager Scanner
  • - Symbol DS4308
  • - Symbol DS4308-HC
  • - Symbol DS4308P
  • - Symbol DS7708
  • - Symbol DS9808 Hybrid Presentation Imager
  • - Symbol LS3008 Rugged Bar Code Scanner
  • - Symbol LS7708 General Purpose Presentation Scanner


Scanner Management Services v3.1 for Windows Release Notes Download 115 KB



Scanner Management Service for Windows 32bit

 Download 22 MB

Scanner Management Service for Windows 64bit

 Download 22 MB


  • Scanner Management Services (SMS) User Guide, English


    Download 1 MB


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