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R12 Series Dock Station Support

xr12 docking station

This firmware update resolves a display frequency issue when using an R12 Docking Station or R12 Secure Mobile Dock with an XSLATE R12 series tablet.

Note: this update is not required if you have the XSLATE R12 Docking Station or XSLATE R12 Secure Mobile Dock.

- R12 Dock Station Firmware

Installation Requirements

R12 Docking Station or R12 Secure Mobile Dock

External monitor

XSLATE R12 tablet





Release Date: 

October 2015

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:


R12 Dock Station Firmware Instructions Download 312 KB


Updated firmware for the R12 dock to support XSLATE R12 external video (zip, 3 MB)

 Download 2 MB

Software Documentation

  • XSLATE R12-Series Office Dock Model R12-OD1 Quick Setup (en; de; es; fr; pt-BR)


    Download 1 MB