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Zebra’s next generation OVS is now VisibilityIQ Foresight™. Our new name better reflects the intelligent, data-driven analytics solution Zebra provides to optimize device availability and utilization to increase workforce productivity, operational efficiency and ROI.


With VisibilityIQ Foresight, standard reports for most users are visible in one primary dashboard – with helpful color status indicators, trend graphs, configurable views, and interactive charts.

new and improved Operational Reports are available to you, including:

Total Devices Report. A new report that provides a view of devices in different states (in operation, in repair, in transit, or in spare pool)

Out of Contact Aging Report. Identify devices that may potentially be unutilized, lost, or stolen – according to the length of time they’ve been out of contact

Utilization Right-Sizing Report. See the number of devices and their utilization levels to see where you may need to add or move inventory to sites where they’re needed most

WLAN Signal Report. Use device data to identify potential network signal strength issues down to access point level that may be impacting the productivity of your teams

4 additional Repair Reports
are available to add to your dashboard:

Repair Return Rate report shows the number of devices returned for repair, and categorizes those repairs into physical damage, NTF, and failures. It tracks the no trouble found (NTF) rates by product model over 12 months. The report alerts when the NTF rate for any product model exceeds 5% in a calendar quarter.

Repair Repeat Rate report provides trending information for repaired devices that have been returned to Zebra’s Repair Depots within 30 days of previous repair. Includes percentages for both repeat gross (failure & NTF) and repeat net (failure only).

On Time Delivery (OTD) report shows trend information for repaired or replaced devices were shipped on-time to the customer.

Top Repair Metrics report provides graphical ranking of top: sites, problems, faults, faults on damage units, repeat problems, and repeat faults.

New Features

New features make your reports’ insights more actionable, graphical and customizable.

Your company’s site hierarchy (as defined within your corporate MDM) is available for use in all reports, so you can select and filter globally or by country, state, city, or site

Site-level operational insights are now provided, as well as device-level data

Email notifications and dashboard alerts can be set up to inform you when user-defined thresholds are crossed 

Use pre-defined and user-created grouping tags to customize reports for sets of devices that share a common property – including site, model, and user

Accessing the portal is as easy today as it always has been:

  • Use the same URL (, and your current username and password

  • To access the new portal, select the VisibilityIQ Foresight icon


Making the Transition from OVS to VisibilityIQ Foresight

  • For a short time, users will have the option to access both the new VisibilityIQ Foresight portal and the older OVS portal 

  • From August 1, you will still have access to both portals, but the older OVS portal will contain only reports that have not yet been made available in the VisibilityIQ Foresight portal. (See the list of these reports at the end of the Quick Start Guide.)

  • Please be aware that operational data for the period January through October 2018 will be added to the new dashboard reports and views in the coming months. This data continues to be available in the older OVS reports. 

  • Because the enhanced views contain refined logic and improved reporting algorithms for deeper and more operationally relevant insights, we recommend that users do not compare results between legacy and new reports. Results will be similar but not precisely comparable.

Guides and FAQs

The User Guide and Quick Start Guide include detailed description of each available report. Reports can be added to your dashboard from the Reports menu on the left side of the screen. Select ‘Expand All’ to see all available reports, including the 4 new repair reports. Or you can use the blue Add Tile button in the upper-right corner of your screen to select new reports to add to your dashboard view.

Need Assistance?

Email us for any dashboard issues. 

FAQs and Guides