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Zebra's IoT Study Creates Press Interest

Zebra's Forrester-commissioned Internet of Things (IoT) study is generating some media buzz. Robb Kristopher, Zebra's director of corporate communications and public relations, says that since the study was released on Oct. 9, more than 70 global and regional media organizations have published the survey results.

"Initial coverage was primarily in trade publications with an emphasis on how IoT can play a key role in driving productivity," explains Robb, noting that articles about the survey were published in a variety of publications, including Material Handling & Logistics (USA), IT Reseller (EMEA), APN News (India) and all the regional versions of RFID Journal.

Robb sees this widespread coverage as validation of Zebra's relevance to emerging technology trends and a great opportunity to engage in a dialogue about our unique position to help organizations gain better visibility into their operations. "Since the results of the survey were very positive for Zebra—showing without a doubt that we play a critical role in helping organizations implement IoT solutions— receiving press coverage helps us spread the word," says Robb.

Coverage of the IoT survey is now spreading beyond the trade publications to a much larger global business audience. Be on the lookout in the upcoming weeks for more in-depth pieces to be published, including an interview with Zebra CEO Anders Gustafsson in Crain's Chicago Business and Mike Terzich, SVP of sales and marketing, in IT Business Edge.