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What's New…with Interactive Marketing

For Zebra's Interactive Marketing Team, 2012 was a very big year. Zebra.com was completely overhauled and re-launched with entirely new back-end technology and a new look and refreshed content to reflect Zebra's transformation. John Mathews, Zebra's senior manager of interactive marketing, shared that there are more exciting Zebra.com updates to come in the near future.  

The Chinese site recently launched, with John and webmaster Lisa Cowgill visiting Zebra's Beijing office for nine days to train the local team. This is a great use of new technology for Zebra and Zebra.com.

"We are well on our way to being a truly global site," John says. "The new China site was built around our need for localization. This means if you are a customer in China, you will not just see Zebra's corporate site translated into Chinese, but you will also see information that is specific to your region."

Additional site translation is an on-going project with 2013 bringing translated sites for Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish. More languages for the EMEA region will follow soon thereafter.

Also coming soon is a global Partner Locator Tool. "With this tool, the site will automatically recognize your location anywhere in the world based on your IP address. Using Google maps, it will pull up a map with pin marks to show you Zebra partners nearby," explains John. Users will then be able to further refine the map to narrow down the list of partners, for example, by vertical or application expertise.

All the partner information is fed to the site through Zebra's Siebel system to ensure accuracy. John says that partner data is currently being updated within Siebel, and the Partner Locator Tool is expected to go live within weeks.

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