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Social Media Taskforce: The First Year

Social media is a powerful channel for organizations to communicate with their customers and other key stakeholders. It also allows you ample opportunity to gain insights on what these audiences think about your products, solutions and brand. We can leverage this intelligence to better serve customers, improve our product design and even generate sales.

As new outlets for discussion are developed, so are the best practices for using them. Many social media outlets are regionally focused and customized. To better address the emerging opportunity, Zebra created a Social Media Taskforce made up of employees across the globe to help shape Zebra's policies and to better inform the regions.

Zebra's Social Media Taskforce's first year of existence was a productive one. With representatives from the regional marketing teams, global marketing, human resources, investor relations and product management, the Social Media Taskforce spent the year working toward three main goals:

·         Develop global guidelines for Zebra employee involvement in social media tactics

·         Provide best practices to regions around specific social media outlets

·         Create a forum for the Taskforce to share regional social media tactics—and lessons learned.

Led by EMEA's Kathryn McCarthy, who recently received a Star Award for her efforts, the Taskforce met all its goals. This includes the creation of a step-by-step guide to help Zebra best utilize social media outlets, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and blogs. Going forward, Robb Kristopher will take the baton in leading the task force. He will work closely with Kathryn and the other regional leads to further develop a global strategy that allows us to develop and share content in an effective and efficient manner.

The Taskforce has much planned for 2013, including rolling out the social media guidelines to a broader group of people within Zebra. This work is a great example of how Zebra is finding new ways to bring our story to life—both internally and externally.

What do you think about social media at Zebra? Have ideas for its use? We want to hear about it at insights@zebra.com.