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Executive Briefings at the Zebra Experience Center

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In today’s data-centric world, mobility, the cloud and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) are changing the way businesses looks at supply chains, manufacturing lines and employee workflows.

And Zebra’s digital technology is delivering actionable insights that can empower a performance edge to those on the front line of business.

You can get a first-hand look at these technologies through our Executive Briefing Program at our Zebra Experience Centers, located in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and Holtsville, New York. These personalized briefings provide a world-class interactive look at how our digital technology is transforming the edge of the enterprise, giving businesses the ability to instantly sense, analyze and act in real time.

Schedule Your Executive Briefing Today

The best way to schedule an Executive Briefing is by reaching out directly to your Zebra sales contact. If you need assistance identifying your sales contact, please complete this form and a representative will contact you.

What You Can Expect

A Fully Personalized Experience

Your time is valuable. That’s why our team will work with you directly to pinpoint your meeting objectives ahead of your visit. Then we’ll plan the briefing sessions with appropriate subject matter experts and tailor the tour to match your specific strategic needs.

Rich Insights Into Industry Trends

Your industry is evolving, and so are your needs. Our teams regularly conduct and review market research on each of the industries we serve to provide you a deep review of the important trends that are likely to impact your business. Then we can discuss how you can best respond to them to capture and preserve your edge for the years to come.

Access to Subject Matter Experts

Whether you want to have a deep discussion on a particular part of the Zebra portfolio, a broader conversation about the future of the IIoT or address a specific workflow inefficiency in your processes, we’ll bring the right experts to the table.

Unfettered Access to the Latest Innovations from Zebra and our Partners

Our Zebra Experience Centers feature our most recent products, solutions and services, along with complementary offers from some of our 10,000 trusted channel partners from across the globe. During your visit, you will be able to touch, see and experience these solutions first-hand and, with an NDA in place, you can also gain exclusive access to not-yet-released solutions and explore some of our labs, testing facilities, and more.

Learn About Zebra’s Solutions

Some customers attend Executive Briefings to learn about how others in their industry are leveraging Zebra technology to deliver a performance edge. Others want to explore how companies in completely different industries are overcoming their challenges with Zebra’s purpose-driven design, data-powered environments and collaborative mobile workflows.

Retail Grocery Solution Workflow


See how innovative solutions like SmartLens for Retail are enhancing inventory management to improve in-store operations and allowing retailers to enable the omnichannel experience today’s connected consumers expect.

Zebra Healthcare solutions


Explore the ways our positive patient ID (PPID) technology provides the foundation to improve patient care (from medication administration to specimen tracking), increase staff productivity and improve mobile information access.

Logistics Scanning Solutions

Logistics — Warehouse and Fleet

Gain insight into how our landmark load planning solution, SmartPack Trailer, is helping customers ensure accuracy and optimize space utilization on every shipment. You’ll also see how Zebra solutions are transforming material handling processes, information access and asset management.

Hospitality and Entertainment Solutions

Hospitality and Entertainment

Learn how our solutions are improving the guest experience at every touchpoint by empowering associates with mobile information access. Behind the scenes, our Disney CHEFS® food safety solution ensures guest safety by monitoring food conditions from the receiving dock through preparation.

Manufacturing Application Solutions


See how our Network Connect enclosure integrates every segment of the manufacturing process with the automation layer of the facility (e.g., ERP and MES) to provide unprecedented visibility into work in progress.

Software Solutions - Zebra DNA

Software — Zebra DNA

You probably know Zebra for our innovative and purpose-build hardware design, but there’s another layer of innovation that’s powering your performance edge — our software. Zebra DNA is the “genetic code” infused throughout our solutions that differentiates us. It’s what makes life easier for everyone involved: workers, managers, IT developers and staff. This Zebra DNA is a unique ecosystem of highly intelligent software, utilities and apps focused on transforming the world’s most popular mobile operating system — Android™ — into an enterprise-ready force that delivers:

  • Better performance and productivity
  • Ease of integration
  • Simpler deployment and management
IOT Platform - Zebra Savanna

IoT Platform — Zebra Savanna™

Zebra Savanna is our breakthrough data intelligence platform that collects data from Zebra devices and sensors in real time, analyzes that data to get a more complete picture of your business, and helps you discover your next best move.

Zebra Savanna is at the heart of a new generation of Intelligent Edge Solutions — like SmartPack, SmartLens, Visibility Services and Location Solutions — that will digitally transform the way you work. With next-level analytics capabilities, Zebra Savanna shows you a path to totally transform your workflows and increase efficiency, making your business more productive and profitable.

Locations and Directions

Lincolnshire, IL

3 Overlook Point, Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Lincolnshire, IL - Map

Directions from O’Hare International Airport

  • Get on I-190 E — 2 min (0.8 mi)
  • Take I-294 N to Deerfield Rd in West Deerfield. Take the Deerfield Rd exit from I-94 W — 14 min (14.7 mi)
  • Follow Deerfield Rd and US-45 N/N Milwaukee Ave to Overlook Point in Lincolnshire — 9 min (4.3 mi)
  • Arrive at Zebra Technologies

Holtsville, NY

1 Zebra Plaza, Holtsville, NY 11742
Holtsville, NY - Map

Directions from Long Island MacArthur Airport

  • Follow Arrival Ave and Johnson Ave to NY-454 E — 3 min (0.7 mi)
  • Follow NY-454 E and Nicolls Rd to Expy Dr N in Holtsville
  • Take the exit toward I-495 W/New York from Nicolls Rd — 10 min (6.8 mi)
  • Continue on Expy Dr N to your destination — 2 min (1.0 mi)
  • Arrive at Zebra Technologies