Our initial target investment is in the $1 million to $5 million range and our focus is on finding great entrepreneurs with superior technology and a capital efficient business model that can help bring value to our customers.  As technology investors we look hard at the size of the market opportunity, because we want to invest in companies that can impact large markets.  

As Zebra offers our customers a variety of solutions — from mobile computers and scanners to specialty printers, RFID, software and services — for identifying, tracking and managing critical assets, people and transactions, we focus on startups that participate in that ecosystem.

Our Process

We are a small team with a flat structure. We strive to keep our process and your interactions with us simple and constructive.

Step 1

Contact Us
Submit an overview of your business to us. It helps speed up the process if you are referred to us by someone we know or someone in our business unit. We’ll review your business idea and let you know if it could be a potential fit.

Step 2

Brief Meeting
If there is interest, we’ll request a meeting, which typically lasts about an hour.  The presentation should be short and succinct.  During this time we want to learn about:

  1. The leadership of the company
  2. Your product and preferably a demonstration
  3. Your target customer and validation
  4. The problem you solve for your customer
  5. How you plan to reach customers
  6. Competition and Industry landscape
  7. Market opportunity
  8. Your capital requirements
  9. Product and Business Milestones with capital being raised

After the first meeting, we will provide feedback if there is a potential fit with our strategy and philosophy. If there is a fit, we’ll spend more time together to better understand your business.

Step 3

Detailed Survey
We will follow up with a detailed survey to understand the company in more depth and define the strategic benefit to Zebra, and the benefit that you expect from Zebra as a partner.

Step 4

Discuss Terms
Lastly, if there is mutual interest in moving forward we will discuss the specific terms of how we might work together in building your company.