Zebra’s Newest Board Member Proves that You Can Take a Step Back and Still Propel Your Career Forward

Linda Connly knows better than anyone just how much technology has transformed over the last 30+ years. She has been a driving force behind much of it.

Zebra`s newest board member, Linda Connly
by Your Edge Blog Team
July 24, 2020

When Linda Connly leapt into the technology sector 33 years ago, little did she know just how transformative that one move would be for her personally, the companies for which she eventually worked and the industry as a whole.

For someone who has held 18 different jobs since then, one might find it hard to believe that it was possible for her to make a meaningful impact in any single role – especially since four of her career moves were lateral and two technically sent her “backwards”. But Linda is a force to be reckoned with and, as you will learn when listening to our recent conversation, she is a woman who is focused on constant growth and transformation!

Personally, she is a devoted mom and wife, a proud breast cancer survivor, a former triple-sport athlete and college basketball player, a (new) cyclist, a passionate home cook and a downright humble human being.

Professionally, she is a tech enthusiast (of course) and an operational architect. She is well versed on how companies can build and optimize their business models to better serve their customers, whether in the business of selling smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT) software or trucking services. (That can be credited to those 18 jobs she held throughout her career, each of which enabled her to broaden her subject matter expertise in marketing, sales, channel and other critical business functions.)

All of this makes her a perfect fit for Zebra!

Listen to our chat now to find out:

  • Why Linda decided to join our Board of Directors.
  • How the technology sector’s rate of innovation has compared to the airline industry over the last several decades.
  • Which technologies Linda believes may yield the greatest growth opportunities in the future.
  • And more!

Zebra's Newest Board Member, Linda Connly, Talks About the Trajectory of the Technology Sector (and Her Career) Over the Past 30 Years

Your Edge Blog Team
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