A delivery driver scans a package using a ring scanner connected to a Zebra TC52 Android touch computer that he's wearing on his arm.
By Your Edge Blog Team | October 22, 2020

Setting the Record Straight: Zebra Has Been Committed to Android for Years – and is Committing to Android for Several More.

In this exclusive podcast interview, you’ll hear how Zebra’s first-to-market rugged Android 10 leadership and ongoing development of future-ready Android mobility solutions are giving customers a competitive advantage.

Even though Zebra maintains a commanding lead in the global rugged Android™ market, some of Zebra’s competitors claim that we are wavering (or inconsistent) in our commitment to the Android operating system (OS). That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, Zebra was the first enterprise device manufacturer to roll out several new Android 10 devices this year. And this week – literally, as you’re reading this – we have made Android 10 available across a broad portion of our mobile computing portfolio so that customers can fully leverage the latest tools and security features now available in this OS release. In fact, Zebra now offers 43 different Android handheld, wearable, vehicle mount, mobile computer and tablet models (27 – or 63% – of which can run on the Android 10 OS today) along with a host of Android software solutions!

In addition, competitors claim that Zebra won’t guarantee support for any Android OS version beyond Android 10. That is, once again, a false statement. We are all in on Android for the foreseeable future. Our continued innovation around both Android hardware and software solutions proves that. Solution longevity has always been – and will always be – our goal. We want your Android devices to remain viable for six, eight, even 10 years!

Because there are a lot of rumors in the market right now, Zebra’s Vice President of Global Product Management and Portfolio, Julie Johnson, volunteered to sit down with the Your Edge team to set the record straight. In this 15-minute interview, Julie transparently explains:

  • Why Zebra transitioned to an all-Android portfolio focus long before its competitors and remains just as committed to Android as we were 10 years ago.
  • The great lengths Zebra has gone to over the past five years to help customers transition from legacy mobile variations of Windows® to Android mobility solutions without disrupting their operations.
  • Everything being done today to protect customers’ investments in Zebra Android mobility solutions for many years to come.
  • How guaranteeing “compatibility” with an Android OS version is different from guaranteeing “support” – and why no one can actually guarantee compatibility for Android 12 or 13 today, including Google, Qualcomm and Zebra’s competitors.
  • Why Zebra strategically opted out of implementing Android 9/P on mobile computer platforms built on Qualcomm’s SD660 chipset.
  • The process by which Zebra is helping customers migrate to Android 10, whether through new device deployments or upgrades to previously deployed devices that pre-dated this OS release.
  • How Zebra’s many new Android 10 rugged mobile computers and tablets give customers the flexibility they need to adapt and scale their solutions in the future.
  • Why should customers feel confident investing in Zebra Android mobility solutions today and in the future.

Listen now:

Setting the Record Straight: Julie Johnson Talks About Zebra's Past, Present and Future Commitment to Android

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