The cover of "Zippy’s Special Gift,"  a new children's book written by Zebra's Therese Van Ryne to benefit Bernie's Book Bank.
By Your Edge Blog Team | April 27, 2021

Critics are Calling Zippy’s Special Gift a “Must Read” This Summer – by Everyone

Find out why this illustrative book is quickly becoming a favorite of kids and adults all around the world.

When Therese Van Ryne conceptualized her first children’s book in early 2020, she had no way of knowing just how timely her message of inclusion and diversity would be once the book hit shelves. Nor could she have fathomed how many adults would deem Zippy’s Special Gift one of their favorite reads!

Yet, people all around the world have been rating it five stars since it first published in December 2020:

"Zippy's Special Gift" has received dozens of 5-star reviews on Amazon, including these.

And book critics have consistently raved about its relevant, uplifting, and empowering message:

Critics are raving about the award-winning children's book "Zippy's Special Gift"

In fact, Zippy’s Special Gift has been the talk of the (online) town these past few months after Therese went on a three-week virtual book tour to share Zippy’s message of love and acceptance – of oneself and others. The feedback shared by Tanya from The Book Review Crew captures the sentiment echoed by many other book tour attendees:

“Zippy’s Special Gift will hit home with every child. At some point in our childhood, we all wonder why we are different from those around us.

This sweet little story has Zippy the Zebra talking with all her friends about differences in appearances, languages (animal sounds) and abilities. I loved it! Such a pure way of expressing that our differences are our ‘special gifts’.

This book also features its story as a rhyme, which is one of my favorite things about children’s books.

This would be a great read for all children to recognize that the differences they or others around them may have can be seen as positives and not negatives.”

If you missed the tour, don’t worry! Those of you in the Chicagoland area will have a chance to meet Zippy – and Therese – at the upcoming Storybook Festival benefiting Bernie’s Book Bank* on Saturday, May 22, 2021. And if you haven’t read the book yet, can always order a copy (or 10) of Zippy’s Special Gift from Amazon right now to share with your family, neighbors, students and community.

This is one of those books that will make a positive, lasting impression on readers of all ages. Words are powerful, and we are proud of the way Therese is advocating for a more inclusive world through Zippy’s voice.

*Did you know that a portion of all book proceeds go to Bernie’s Book Bank, one of Zebra’s strategic philanthropic partners? Learn more.

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