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By Therese Van Ryne | October 07, 2022

Fast Forward: Companies are Getting Smarter about How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI), including antuit.ai and Zebra

It has become more difficult for retailers and CPG companies to forecast demand and manage inventory using traditional business applications. That’s why Zebra and antuit.ai are going all in on AI – and you should too.

Ever since Zebra acquired antuit.ai last year, we’ve been working closely with retailers and consumer packaged goods – or CPG – companies to help them find new ways to overcome inventory challenges, including both shortages and overstocks. Their demand planning and pricing strategies have been under immense scrutiny both within their organizations and by the public. And everyone from CEOs and CIOs to merchandisers and planners have been searching for ways to regain control of this situation. Everyone wants stability in the supply chain, and we’re seeing a lot of conversations about AI turn into action. 

So, I asked Suresh Menon and Siva Lakshmanan to join me on the Your Edge Podcast to talk about what’s happening in the market and what the joint Zebra and antuit.ai team is doing to help retailers and CPG companies break this cycle of overstocks and shortages. 


Tune in to learn:

  • Why the people making decisions on behalf of retailers, CPG companies and other supply chain entities will increasingly need AI software to do their jobs.

  • The two primary market factors driving strong interest in and adoption of AI software solutions among retailers and CPG companies.

  • The one trending issue that will cause the most problems for retailers and CPG companies that don’t lean into AI solutions for demand planning and forecasting in the next year.

  • The most underappreciated benefit of AI in the retail and CPG space – and what most people don’t understand about AI’s purpose and applicability in the business world.

  • Why CPG companies may not be taking the right steps to improve demand planning and forecasting right now – and why efforts should be made to move past decade-old technology and start embracing technology that can fully support operations for the next decade. 

  • How a commitment to perfection can delay progress in driving the operational changes retailers and CPG companies must make if they want to better sense, analyze and act on what’s happening in the market.  

  • How you can help your team (and company) become more comfortable with AI, and how you can prepare them to adopt and trust an AI-based solution, no matter their role or previous experience.

You’ll also hear…

  • Why Zebra should be taken seriously as a software company and trusted as AI experts. (Did you know we’ve invested billions of dollars in our software portfolio in recent years through organic innovation and acquisitions of AI companies like antuit.ai and Reflexis? We are continuously looking for ways to help our customers reduce their two biggest expenses: labor and inventory. Learn more about our extensive – and perhaps not-so-well-known software experience and capabilities.)

  • How the vision and roadmap for antuit.ai has (and has not) changed in the last 12 months. 

  • How the joint Zebra and antuit.ai team plans to help you transition to AI-informed decision-making and planning and navigate through the necessary change management process.

  • How the combined resources and domain expertise of the Zebra and antuit.ai teams are enabling you to solve problems and adopt new approaches to forecasting, demand planning, inventory management and pricing.


Did You Hear?

Antuit.ai was named in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Retail Unified Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization Applications – Short Life Cycle. Find out why.  

The company was also named in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Retail Forecasting, Allocation and Replenishment Solutions. Check it out.


About Our Guests:

  • Suresh Menon is the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Software Solutions at Zebra and is responsible for the strategy, development, and management of Zebra’s Software Solutions product line, which features the antuit.ai solutions along with AI-powered workforce management, task execution and communication solutions.  

  • Siva Lakshmanan previously served as CEO of antuit.ai and is now the vice president and general manager for the IT business for Zebra, leading the research and development of antuit.ai solutions. Siva was named Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) Pro to Know for 3 years in a row (2020, 2021, and 2022).


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Therese Van Ryne
Therese Van Ryne

Therese Van Ryne is Senior Director of External Communications for Zebra Technologies. She joined Zebra as part of the acquisition of Motorola Solutions Enterprise business in October 2014. She and her team are laser focused on growing the company’s brand awareness globally aligned with business objectives. Her accomplishments include leading Zebra events with Harvard University and TED as well as the creation of the annual Intelligent Enterprise Index, resulting in positive media coverage, customer engagement and revenue growth.

Prior to Motorola Solutions, Van Ryne worked at SC Johnson where she led corporate communication strategies and drove PR and branding efforts for leading consumer products. One of her top achievements was leading the Windex® placement in the film, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” resulting in a 25% sales increase for the brand.

One of PR News’ 2019 Top Women in PR and Crain's Chicago's 2021 Most Notable Executives in Marketing, Therese also has experience as a journalist, editor and producer, reporting nightly from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Van Ryne holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism from Marquette University and an Executive Leadership Master’s Certificate from Cornell University.

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