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By Your Edge Blog Team | May 13, 2022

Buy Nice or Buy Twice, Says Leaders with One Leading Freight and Logistics Provider

ArcBest believes in equipping its employees with the best technology available, and that makes a big impression on staff and customers.

Is your company flip phone making the grade? How about that dial-up internet connection? These scenarios are probably a little exaggerated, but technology changes fast and companies don’t always want to spend the extra money to keep up. Freight and logistics solutions provider, ArcBest, takes the opposite approach. Company leaders believe in equipping their employees with the latest tools available, even if they have to pay a little more for reliable options. This is a big reason many ArcBest employees spend their entire careers with the company.

“You can get a cheaper device without support, but you’re going to need to have more devices and spend more time with deployments, as well as more money on repairs,” says Lee Easley, Director of Information Services at ArcBest Technologies. “We want our drivers moving freight, not dealing with damaged devices.” 

ArcBest turned to Zebra when it retired its legacy mobile computers, and we were able to help equip the company with the latest leading-edge solutions and services that will be long-lasting and durable. 

Read the full story now to find out how this solution has connected employees, improved customer satisfaction and prepared ArcBest for future optimizations. 

Freight and Logistics Provider Equips Workers for Today and the Future

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