A machine vision system inspects products moving down a manufacturing line
By Michelle White | May 13, 2022

What’s Wrong with This Picture? New Automation Challenge Let’s You Test Your Vision Against a Machine Vision Camera.

See if you can spot the issues with each part, pill, product, and package coming off the production line in this free, fun, interactive new game that mimics real-world inspection requirements.

How good is your eyesight? Would you pass a vision acuity test with flying colors? Or a color vision test with a perfect score? (Yes, you can keep your glasses on or contact lenses in.) 

If you’re confident in your ability to see the finest details, or you have just conquered every optical illusion test on the internet and want to challenge yourself (and friends, colleagues and complete strangers) in a completely new way, then give Zebra’s new “Production Warrior” game a whirl. 

In this five-level automation challenge, you’ll find out how well you would do if your job was to inspect/quality check parts, products and packages moving down a production line or warehouse conveyor belt (without the help of a machine vision camera).

Here’s how it works: 

  • In level one, a retail warehouse, you’ll inspect as many package labels as you can in 45 seconds. You need to make sure the barcodes are properly placed, readable, and contain the right information, otherwise, the packages may not make their way to customers as they move from one stop to the next. And you know what happens when orders don’t arrive on time (or at all). 

  • Then, in level two, you’ll inspect as many beverage bottles as you can in 60 seconds as they move down the line. Just be sure they meet the right parameters, such as proper fill levels and labeling. No one wants to be shorted a sip of their favorite drink.

  • Level three is when the pressure picks up, as you’ll be working in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, reviewing product labels, seals and pill quantities in a matter of seconds. (Did I mention that you’re facing strict industry requirements that require you to meet high-quality standards? Don’t let anything slip by unnoticed.)

  • If you’re up for taking level four for a spin, you’ll get to spend a bit of time in an automotive factory. But it’s not all fun and games. You’ll need to identify the right gears, components and potential defects to prevent a possible automotive failure. 

  • Finally, in level five, you’ll get the ultimate test: checking for errors or damage to circuit boards. Are the right parts in the right spot? If not, then someone’s mobile device, tablet, or printer won’t work right when they open the box. So, it’s your job to make sure only quality parts make it into the box.

Feeling up for the challenge? 

Take a five-minute break from your current job to see if your eyes deceive you or if you’re truly a production warrior: 


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Michelle White
Michelle White

Michelle White is currently a Channel Marketing Advisor at Zebra Technologies where she is responsible for the Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision direct and channel marketing strategy in North America. She is also responsible for driving North America channel marketing initiatives for Zebra’s data capture solution product line and grocery vertical.

Michelle has more than 13 years of experience within B2B marketing, with four years of experience in the technology industry, championing business development challenges to drive new areas of opportunity and growth. Previously, she served as Channel Marketing Manager at Rust-Oleum and Marketing Director at Promotions Unlimited, where she similarly built and drove channel marketing programs. 

Michelle holds a BA degree from Emory University. 

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