Zebra’s Chief Supply Chain Officer Says, “It’s Time to Get Back to Basics”

In her first interview since moving into this leadership role, Tami Froese talks about her disciplined approach to collaboration, execution and performance measurement – and what supply chain “resiliency” really means.

Zebra`s Chief Supply Chain Officer, Tami Froese
by Therese Van Ryne
October 05, 2023

Some people might call Tami Froese brave for agreeing to serve as Zebra’s Chief Supply Chain Officer at a time when supply chain performance is being so scrutinized. However, she eagerly embraced the opportunity when it was offered to her earlier this year. She sees the supply chain as an organization’s “center of gravity” and knows how much influence it has on every other business function. She also appreciates how complex the end-to-end supply chain – and overall business operations – have become and believes that a shift back to the basics will be able to work wonders. 

I recently had the opportunity to speak with her for 20 minutes about:

  • The most surprising thing she has learned since becoming Zebra’s Chief Supply Chain Officer.

  • How she hopes to progress inclusion and diversity both at Zebra and in the supply chain industry – and make Zebra a benchmark for other organizations. 

  • What she’s most focused on transforming within Zebra’s supply chain right now.

  • How big of a gravitational force the pandemic has really proven to be based on her experience and what she’s hearing from her peers across the supply chain industry.

  • Why she’s closely considering what “resiliency” really means in the supply chain.

  • The deep-rooted and far-reaching issues that have always existed in supply chains and how organizations can address them to create a more stable and sustainable supply chain state for Zebra. 

  • What she feels is the greatest risk to supply chain recovery and stability today – not just at Zebra but overall. 

  • What measures must be taken today by all organizations to maintain supply chain integrity from a high-level of trust, security and privacy perspective, and what Zebra is doing in this area.  

  • The most impactful change we have made to Zebra’s supply chain operations in the last couple of years.

  • One piece of advice she has for other supply chain leaders who want to better weather future storms.  

  • What helps her maintain balance and stay grounded as her responsibilities grow.

No matter your role in your organization, you will walk away with a nugget of inspiration and several great insights on how to approach difficult – and seemingly impossible – situations with discipline and poise. Check out what she had to say: 

Therese Van Ryne
Therese Van Ryne is Global Director of PR, Thought Leadership and Advocacy for Zebra Technologies. One of PR News’ 2019 Top Women in PR and Crain's Chicago's 2021 Most Notable Executives in Marketing, Therese also has experience as a journalist, editor and producer, reporting nightly from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.
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