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Over three days, Tech Leaders and Developers took their technical skills and knowledge to the next level with:

  • Keynotes from Google and Microsoft
  • Sessions with Industry Powerhouses
  • Panel discussions about CTO pain points and challenges
  • Developer mini-hacks, demo bars and sessions
  • Networking with thought leaders

We also tackled Tech Leader and Developer challenges with sessions on cross-platform trends, automated sensing and analytics, along with more foundational subjects like security, OS trends and features, and the Internet of Things. 

APPFORUM Highlights

Attendee Testimonials

If you missed the APPFORUM-AMERICAS event or would like to share information with colleagues, we have recorded a few of the sessions:

Where Will Visionary Visibility Take You?

Tom Bianculli, CTO, Zebra Technologies shows how to sense, analyze and act in order to bring Visionary Visibility to your operation and customers.

CIO Panel Discussion

Jeff Schmitz, CMO, Zebra Technologies moderates a discussion with Key Zebra customers in the Transportation & Logistics, and Healthcare markets. Panelists include: Clay Holmes, CIO at Cardinal Logistics, Dr. Ednann Naz, Director of Physician Engagement & Clinical Optimization, Community Regional Medical Center.

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