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Relive the Best Moments of Zebra DevCon 2023

We are thrilled to share with you the recorded sessions and slides from the Zebra DevCon that took place on September 13-15, 2023. Whether you attended the event or missed out, this is your chance to catch up on all the insightful sessions and gain valuable knowledge. We hope you find these recorded sessions and slides valuable in enhancing your skills and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Click below to access the content by keynote or track:


  • 60 years of the GUI-Keynote -James Morley-Smith: Slides ן Video
  • Mobile Trends and Transformation-Pietro Maggi & Antonio Alonso Daroca – Android Google.pdf: Slides ן Video
  • Keynote from Tom Bianculli: Slides ן Video
  • Decoding the Future: The Potential of Large Language Slides ן Video


  • Power Up Your Toolkit with the Zebra Printer SDK :  Slides ן Video 
  • Smarter Labels – go deeper with Environmental Sensors: Slides ן Video
  • Cloud Printing made simple: Slides ן Video
  • Label design is easy, with ZebraDesigner for Developers: Slides ן Video
  • Printer Command Languages Revealed: Slides ן Video
  • PDF printing made simple: Slides ן Video
  • IOTA DLT + Zebra : Building Digital Product Passports based on transparent and trustful value chains: Slides ן Video
  • Link-OS Demo-o-Rama: Slides ן Video


  • Getting your application ready for Android 13: Slides ן Video
  • Taking Payment with Zebra Devices: Slides ן Video
  • Introducing the new Zebra Apple NFC VAS SDK: Slides ן Video
  • How big is this: Introducing Mobile Dimensioning APIs: Slides ן Video
  • Capturing more than Barcdodes with Datawedge: Slides ן Video
  • Power POS and Workstations with WorkStation Connect: Slides ן Video
  • Getting started with Zebra's Enterprise Camera Solution: Slides ן Video
  • Choosing the best development environment: Slides ן Video


  • Zebra IoT Connector - Detailed Overview: Slides ן Video
  • 123RFID Desktop Configuration and Deployment Demo: Slides ן Video
  • Overview of Scanner Software Tools by Operating System: Slides ן Video
  • Introducing the Barcode Scanner IoT Connector for Windows: Slides ן Video
  • Embedded scripting in Python & NodeJS: Slides ן Video: Slides ן Video
  • Zebra Handheld RFID SDK Overview: Slides ן Video: Slides ן Video
  • Simulated HID Keyboard and Driver Data Formatting for Windows: Slides ן Video
  • Building Apps with Trifecta REST API: Slides ן Video


  • Intro to FetchCore (Agustin Sevilla) or FetchCore APIs, workflows and IoT integration: Slides ן Video
  • One Environment, Various Machine Vision Solutions: Slides ן Video
  • Introducing the Task Management APIs from Zebra Data Services: Slides ן Video
  • Leveraging Data Science to Improve Device Uptime: Slides ן Video
  • F100 for OEM applications: Slides ן Video
  • A Powerful Duo - Zebra Scanner SDK and Zebra Aurora Vision: Slides ן Video
  • Deep Learning OCR: Create a cross-platform algorithm in 10 minutes: Slides ן Video
  • Enhanced Insights on Device Health and Availability: Slides ן Video

Thought Leadership

  • Supplies get Schooled: Slides ן Video
  • AI on the Edge: Slides ן Video
  • Some time on the AI Workbenc: Slides ן Video
  • Zebra and Qualcomm enable operational workflows on enterprise devices: Slides ן Video
  • Building Enterprise Apps with Augmented Reality on Zebra Devices: Slides ן Video
  • Common UX across Android, iOS and Web with Flutter: Slides ן Video
  • Humans in the Loop - The future of humans and AI: Slides ן Video
  • Locate what Matters: Slides ן Video

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