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Retail has experienced an accelerated transformation over the course of this year that has required retailers to quickly adapt and adopt new practices to meet the needs of their shoppers. Whether that be deploying a new BOPIS/BOPAC program, tracking inventory more closely or helping to keep customers safe, Zebra has helped retail customers around the globe capture their performance edge during these unprecedented times.

Key Retail Pillars

Store attendant using a Zebra TC20 Mobile Computer for customer checkout

Build a Smarter Operation

Labor is your largest expense and rising wages along with scarcity demands a smarter operation. Aligning with what makes operational execution most efficient will drive profits. Your ideal strategy is Empowered Staff Execution.

Zebra SmartSight scanning grocery store aisles

Optimize Inventory

Inventory is your largest investment and also a major element of customer satisfaction. It demands optimization. Understanding what best moves inventory to the customer on their terms will enhance the overall experience. The only way to achieve this is through Better In-stock and Order Fulfillment.

Drugstore clerk helping a customer

Elevate the Customer Experience

Customer’s expectations are higher than ever, which results in a demand for more convenience. To get ahead, you’ll need to align with what drives customer satisfaction in every visit. Your best bet? Anywhere Checkout.

Office Depot worker using a Zebra scanner to check inventory

Uncover Your Inventory’s True Power

Discover the curated ecosystem of Zebra store inventory analytics, software, and hardware. When you unlock the industry’s most complete range of inventory intelligence, you’ll gain a holistic approach that no fragmented or one-size-fits-all solution can provide. The ideal mix of technology will result in an ongoing process where cleaner, faster data streams continually drive higher levels of accuracy. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of stores, our retail inventory portfolio is built on a Solution-as-a-Service model to give you more flexibility and ensure that your investments never outpace your returns. Wherever you’re starting from, let’s turn the practice of inventory management into a core competency that powers more sales and satisfied customers on the road ahead.

Time to Transform with Zebra Retail Solutions

In an ever-evolving retail landscape, how will you keep pace with growing customer demands? With explosive e-commerce growth, the emergence of anywhere fulfillment and increasing requests for hyper convenience – there’s a lot to tackle. To drive results, you need to elevate the customer experience, optimize your inventory and ensure smarter operations. With Zebra’s retail solutions you can optimize each and every touchpoint through smarter digital transformation.

Empower frontline employees to improve profits, margins, and efficiency. Next-gen machine learning and artificial intelligence automatically extract actionable insights from data in near-real time and distribute them directly to the appropriate stakeholders.

Reflexis ONE™ empowers retailers to communicate and prioritize on-site activities, while aligning labor budgets, forecasts, and schedules with actual on-site workloads. Improve productivity, drive consistency, and provide customers with a superior experience.

Zebra SmartCount delivers real-time inventory visibility with significant savings to better manage shrink, increase sales, and ensure retailers have the right products in the right stores at the right time.

Use augmented intelligence to spot issues about your shelved merchandise and reveal prescriptive ways to improve the situation and your operations.

Make your store a smart store with automatic sensing of the location and movement of merchandise, associates, shoppers and assets and turns that data into easy-to-read actionable intelligence.

Improve the effectiveness of communication capabilities for mobile workers across the enterprise with integrated device management.

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