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Autonomous Mobile Robots

Fetch100 Flex Series


Fetch100 Flex Guide, Fetch100 Flex Guide Dual

Enable Higher Throughput and Resource Utilization Through Dynamic Orchestration of Robots and Humans
Zebra’s Fetch100 Flex AMR is purpose-built for our optimized fulfillment solution that features a unique algorithm that gets the right assets (including pickers and robots) to the right place at the right time. Pickers and robots are guided by Zebra Symmetry software so that they always know their next assignment. Zebra Fulfillment maximizes asset utilization and minimizes idle time, while eliminating non-value-added movement through facility.

Benefits of the Fetch100 Flex Series

Increase Pick Productivity by 3X

Increase productivity up to 3 times by augmenting workers with mobile robots that are 60% faster and can handle 108% more payload weight than competitive solutions. Reach the highest levels of accuracy and safety than ever before.

Smart Lighting to Guide Your Way

Pick-Side Lighting: LEDs indicate when an AMR is ready for a pick, as well as which side of the aisle the pick is on. Put-to-Light: LEDs indicate which bin or tote to put the pick, helping to increase accuracy and reduce training time.

Manage Peak Season with RaaS

Can be procured with Zebra's Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) offering, allowing operations to deploy and scale without the capital investment normally required when purchasing hardware or software. The result? Flexibility and faster time-to-value.

Additional Software Features

Zebra Symmetry

Symmetry is Zebra's cloud-based software that gives you control of your Fetch Autonomous Mobile Robots and automation workflows in your warehouse and manufacturing operations.