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Electronic Sensors

ZB200 Bridge

The Zebra ZB200 Bridge is easy to install and set up with a convenient mounting bracket and single button operation. It collects reliable data from multiple Zebra electronic sensors and automatically delivers it to your or Zebra's Cloud for instant visibility.

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Seamless Visibility to Electronic Sensors

The ZB200 Bridge is easy to install and configure. The high-performance Bluetooth radio enables the bridge to collect reliable data from multiple ZS300 Sensors and automatically deliver to the cloud, no manual intervention needed. This streamlines the decision-making process and enables valuable insights across the entire supply chain.

Real-Time Alarms

When you subscribe to the EventView service, if the sensor detects a temperature outside the configured range the Zebra Cloud platform will send an alarm.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The ZB200 Bridge automatically uploads data from multiple ZS300 sensors without manual intervention via the high-performance Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

Easy to Install, Set Up

The ZB200 Bridge comes with a wall mounting bracket and a single button operation. LEDs provide feedback on power and network connection, and its play-and-play with a standard DHCP connection.


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