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Fixed Industrial Scanners

FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner



Compact Fits-Anywhere Plug and Play Scanning for Basic Offline Track And-Trace Apps
Easily track and trace items as they move through the warehouse and distribution center with Zebra’s FS10. This compact device easily fits wherever you need scanning. Zebra Aurora software brings groundbreaking simplicity to device management — the FS10 couldn’t be easier to set up, deploy and run. And you get the flexibility to support more symbologies and increased scanning speed with the simple purchase of a software license.

Awards & Certifications

  • IoT Breakthrough Award 2022

Benefits of the FS10

Fits Everywhere, Deploy in Minutes

Put dependable fixed barcode scanning wherever you need it with the FS10 — the smallest Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanner. Just plug the compact FS10 into the USB port of a workstation, laptop, tablet or any other host device.

Superior Scanner Reliability

Get a perfect image every time with ImagePerfect, which captures three different images on a single item, each with its own settings. Get first-time every time reliable barcode capture with PRZM Intelligent Imaging.

Zebra Aurora™ - A Unified Software Platform

Zebra Aurora is a powerful and unified software platform that makes it easy to control the FS10. The result? Add the products you need to more fully automate your operations, with tools you already know how to use.

Additional Software Features

Zebra Aurora™ Software

Zebra Aurora brings a new level of elegance and simplicity to controlling enterprise-wide manufacturing and logistics automation solutions. With this simple but powerful interface, it’s easy to set up, deploy and run Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Smart Cameras, eliminating the need for different tools and reducing training and deployment time.


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