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MC18 Mobile Computer

Let your customers experience how shopping should be with the MC18 personal shopper. This smartphone-style state-of-the-art mobile computer provides a real-time connection to your customers that delivers true value.  Now, with the option of Android KitKat and Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx)  that adds a layer of features that turns consumer-class Android into a true enterprise-class operating system. 


Customers can scan items as they shop for faster checkout and receive discount coupons, as well as suggestions for complementary items. And unlike a consumer-grade cell phone, shoppers will experience true enterprise-class scanning, with fast and dependable capture of virtually every bar code on every item. The result? Shoppers spend less time in the store, buy more and save more, boosting both customer satisfaction and sales. Revolutionize the self-service shopping experience in your store with today’s most advanced personal shopper — the MC18.

Your choice of Android or Windows

Choose from the latest versions of the most popular mobile operating systems — Android KitKat or Windows Embedded Compact 7. And the MC18 Windows devices you already own can be easily updated to Android.

A large all-touch display provides a true smartphone-style user experience
Delivers the same fingertip navigation found on today’s smartphones — including pinch and zoom.

First-time every time instant capture of virtually any barcode
Zebra’s advanced imaging engine enables the split-second capture of any 1-D or 2-D barcode, regardless of whether it is printed on paper or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone — or whether it is damaged, scratched or poorly printed. And with omnidirectional scanning, there is never a need to orient barcode and scanner, providing true point-and-shoot simplicity for shoppers and associates alike.

PowerPrecision+ battery — only from Zebra
The new higher capacity battery provides nine hours of continuous use and charges at a rate that is up to twice as fast as the prior generation Personal Shopper. Advanced state of health and state of charge information improves device management, helping ensure your cradles are always filled with ready-to-use devices.

The power to support the most demanding applications A dual core 800 MHz processor and your choice of 2 or 4 GB of Flash memory provide the power to run the rich multi-media applications your shoppers expect.

Fast wireless connectivity with 802.11n Provides the application performance your customers expect.

Rugged and ready for all-day every-day use in the store aisles and the backroom With drop and tumble testing, plus a Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 display and scanner exit window, you can count on reliable operation in spite of the inevitable everyday drops.

Flexible 3-in-1 space-saving cradle design
Charging cradle requirements vary in different sections of your store — which is why the MC18 cradle can be configured three different ways: a high density configuration that shows off the beautiful MC18 display; a super high-density cradle to minimize space, and a convenient easy-to-install desk mount configuration.

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